Tu’el Skin & Body Care

Tu-el-LogoTu’eL, an aromatherapy-based natural skincare line by Eva’s Esthetics, began with the creation of their amazing flagship product: water-loving cleansing oils and herbal extracts that are designed to deep-cleanse all skin types without stripping or dehydrating the skin.

DEEP PORE CLEANSING OILS – These luxurious hydrophilic oils are the most effective form of deep pore cleansing. Available in: Vitamin for dry skin, Azulene for combination and oily skin, Chamomile for dry, reactive skin, Purifying for impure skin, and Regenerative for mature skin.

HERBAL TONERS – Herbal complexes complete the cleansing process, hydrate and balance the skin. Available in: Vitamin for dry skin, Azulene for combination and oily skin, Chamomile for dry, reactive skin, Purifying for impure skin, and Regenerative for mature skin.

ANTIOXIDANT CLEANSERS – Gentle morning cleansers soothe and clean without disturbing the pH mantle and formulated for Dry, Combination and Dry-Reactive skin types. The Cleansing Milks may be used with Herbal Toners. Watch a How to Cleanse the Skin demo.

POWER WASH GELS – Mildly astringent, foaming cleansers are suitable for oily and impure skin, both as a morning cleanser and a pre-wash makeup removal. They are formulated for Oily and Impure skin types.

POWER SCRUB – A cream-based particulate friction mask for all skin types that refines the skin surface, removes built up flaky skin and help increase product absorption.

POWER PEEL – An alpha hydroxy acid gel that gently increases surface exfoliation, helps smooth skin surface and aids product absorption.

BOTANICAL BOOSTERS – These synergy blends help to protect the skin barrier function and also retain moisture, regulate capillaries, eliminate waste matter and dead cells, promote regeneration, and tone skin cells. Available for five different skin types including: Dry, Mature, Oily, Sensitive and Combination.

SPECIAL DELIVERY – A revitalizing lotion with a deep liposome delivery system to calm and heal combination, oily or impure skin.

RESCUE ME – A rich concentrated cream with antioxidants and vitamins to rejuvenate mature and sun damaged skin.

MOISTURE PLUS – Dry skin protection with Vitamins E, A, and B to lubricate and seal in moisture.

CALM DOWN – A soothing and healing day and night cream for dry reactive skin.

TRAVEL PACK – The perfect travel companion, it includes the cleansing system and HyDrate in 1 oz. bottles. Packaged for Dry, Combination, Oily, Impure and Dry-Reactive skin types.

EYE PLUS LOTION – A light lotion for the delicate eye area with anise, algae and green tea extract that soothes and calms.

HY-DRATE XS lOOO– This gel with sodium hyaluronate as the primary humectant, increases surface moisture retention and is for all skin types. Wear it under any moisturizer, or alone.

TRIPLE SPLASH 3 IN 1 – A hydrating and toning liquid containing sodium hyaluronate, that tones and improves skin elasticity.

GREEN CLEAN – is a refreshing, stimulating gel for bath and shower that tones, cleanses and exfoliates skin tissue. It’s invigorating, fresh, and very “spa feeling”.

CLEAR-IT – A quick acting, non-drying blemish control lotion with colloidal milled sulfur for acne, occasional breakouts or reactions from waxing.

ABSORB – A daytime oil control serum that absorbs excess sebum and keeps the skin shine free and hydrated.

DAILY PROTECT OIL FREE SPF 30 – A lightweight full spectrum sun block for oily or impure skin.