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Travel Packs by Tu’el

Travel Packs

This is the perfect travel companion, as well as a great way to try Tu’el.  It includes the A.M. (Gel or Milk Cleanser) and P.M. (Cleansing Oil and Herbalizer) cleansing systems as well our beloved

Hy-Drate in 1 oz. bottles.

Note: I refill these convenient travel sizes with my larger sized products to take to the gym.

Packaged for Dry, Combination, Oily, Impure and Dry-Reactive skin types as determined by your pore size (don’t count the nose!):

Vitamin Line
Dry Skin

This skin type is primarily characterized by small pores, is not product sensitive, lacks the ability to produce sebaceous oil and easily becomes dehydrated. It may have underlying congestion and may also be flaky. The Vitamin Family hydrates the skin, stimulates sebaceous oil production and seals in moisture. The moderately rich Vitamin Cream, Vitamin Essential Oil and the rich creamy Vitamin Hydrating Mask, adds needed nutrients to the skin, completing the cleansing system for treatments in the spa and for home care.

Azulene Line
Combination and Oily Skin

This skin type shows two different textures covering 1/3 to 1/2 of the face, and appears to have medium to large pores. It may be congested and dehydrated due to improper home care. It needs balancing of oil production without dehydration. The Azulene Family balances sebaceous oil production, hydrates and calms. For those with combination and oily skin and are also product-reactive, Azulene is a suitable ingredient for calming. Special ingredients in the Azulene Essential Oil and the Balancing Clay Mask complete the line.

Purifying Line
Impure Skin

Impure skin can be dry, combination or oily, and any age with visible and constant breakouts. Many times this skin is extremely dehydrated and irritated due to improper care or harsh ingredients. Home care and professional treatments along with diet counseling are an absolute necessity. The Purifying Family acts as a germicide to target impurities while keeping skin feeling and looking great. The Purifying Clay Mask and Purifying Essential Oil complete the line and are additional solutions to treat impure skin.

Chamomile Line
Dry-Reactive Skin

This skin has some of the same properties as dry skin – small pores, possibly congested, easily dehydrated and irritated and also reacts to products. This is the client that says, “Everything I use makes me breakout.” The Chamomile Line calms while gently improving, maintaining and enhancing the skin. The active ingredients in Chamomile Essential Oil and Chamomile Cream continue to calm and soothe.

Regenerative Line
Mature Skin

Mature skin is dry, combination, oily or dry-reactive that has aged. Tanned skin at any age is considered mature. Mature skin with impurities will use the Purifying Line. The Regenerative Line stimulates cell production, hydrates, nourishes and firms. To use this line, first analyze the skin, choose the appropriate cleansing line and then add Herbalizer from the Regenerative Line. Special nutrients from the Regeneration Cream, Regenerative Firming Mask, Regenerative Essential Oil and Glorious Gold™ Eye & Lip Gel are perfect additions to treat aging skin.

See you at the spa!