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Mother’s Day Spa Package

images (2)We would love to treat you or someone you love to this special collection of some of our clients’ favorite spa services!

Mother’s Day Spa Special

Arrive a couple of minutes early so you can get settled and relax for a few minutes in the quiet environment of the spa, and plan on staying for about an-hour-and-a-half.

When you enter the treatment room, you will feel the warm air provided by state-of-the-art radiant heat in the treatment rooms. You’ll smell calming essential oils and be enveloped by the soft candlelight and music.

As you climb under crisp, clean, warmed sheets your body’s curves will be cradled by special contoured bodyCushions.

We’ll coax your body into a state of bliss and calm with our signature back treatment which combines massage with a deep cleansing skin treatment. 

Next, detoxifying and de-stressing drops of essential oils will be applied along your spine (Raindrop Therapy).

Turn over and the Star Massage begins with Tu’el’s Cleansing Oils and Herbalizers chosen for your skin type. Puffiness, sinus pressure, jaw tension and all signs of stress dissipate from your face, neck, and shoulders – mmm, who knew it could feel this good?

Now the facial begins with warmed towels, gentle steam, and special masks and scrubs designed to alleviate your skin’s concerns.

And don’t forget those hard working hands and feet. They will be meticulously worked out, every finger and every toe rubbed until they are eased and your feet will be wrapped in warm towels.

Later, plan on relaxing and drinking plenty of water with slices of organic lemons to complete a perfect experience.

Who knew Star Brows was about more than eyebrow couture? Now’s your chance to see! Limited spaces are available for this special offer, so call now – 805-722-8222  – and mention the Mother’s Day Spa Special.

It’s not on the menu and is specially priced at $110 (save $75!). Offer expires on May 31, 2013

See you at the spa!



Keep Calm and Pay Your Dues

In this economy, it’s really tempting to complain and panic about the labor and toil of earning a living. I’m not speaking to the masses here. I know there are people who are legitimately experiencing hard times, and I wouldn’t want to minimize their plight.

My husband is launching a new business. He’s never been a solo-entrepreneur and he’s 61! It’s called: Pulcinella Wood-fired Pizza and Catering, so the topic of keeping calm and paying your dues is hot at our house!

I have 42 blog posts on Healthy Aging. That’s more than I have in any other category.  Clearly, for me at least, it’s a priority. For what it’s worth, here’s my take on making a buck along the way:

Find something you are passionate about. I believe each of us has a special calling or skill-set with an innate desire to fulfill it.  Be Alive!

Spend time dreaming about how you could use that passion to earn a living. You may just start out doing it as a hobby, then move to part-time, and so on. And remember: It’s only money.

Be willing to pay your dues. My dad used to wash his ship-mates’ clothes, and polish their shoes for extra money when he was in the Navy. Later, when he wanted to learn the gas-station business , he offered to work for free, and sometime later he bought the place! Now, at 84, he’s the owner of Robert Hall Winery, and he started the vineyard on virgin land when he was 70 years young!

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! It’s only hard when you look at swallowing it whole.

In Minnesota, I used to garden with a Hmong woman. She asked me something one day: “We think differently than Americans. They work a long day so they can enjoy a short evening – five days to enjoy a weekend or a lifetime to enjoy a few years in retirement?” I’ve never forgotten that. Her people, she went on to explain, consider all of their time “life.” They weave work, family, and play into their hours, days, and years. They don’t portion slots of time out to simply endure so they can get on to what they really want to do. Happiness, after all, is a choice…I say Choose Happy!

I paid my dues when I started out in the spa and wellness profession, and every time I start a new venture – or branch out in a new direction – I pay dues again.  Fresh energy needs to be cultivated, fear checked, and the vision nurtured with each new step.

In fact, in the beginning of last month I was bemoaning a new venture into the wedding market. Now just 7 weeks later, I have a great new employee (Aesthetician – Kelli June), we’ve done a very successful event for the Bridal Show at Madonna Inn,  and I’ve been asked to write another article for Skin Deep Magazine about Wedding Services.

Dare to dream, fellow sojourner. Be fearless. You only go around once, and life’s all about the journey.

See you at the spa!


Your Financial Success-O-Meter

Lately I’ve been itching to expand my business. (What’s new?) I thrive on new projects, on change. Not that I want to do away with the old, but rather to enhance, add to. After all, isn’t that the purpose of life here on earth – to grow? What do we plant that we don’t expect to grow?

I can hardly believe Star Brows has been in its new location for one year!? I’ve gotten busy and I’m loving it, but one thing good ole dad taught me is that what remains flat will head downhill eventually. Like water, which finds the lowest ground naturally. “Oh, you are so happy now. Your business is thriving. Why not bask in that – let well enough alone?” they say.  That kind of thinking reminds me of a person saying “I’m in such great shape, why don’t I just take a break for a year and enjoy it?”

Let’s talk about growing in the area of financial success.  According to Maria Nemeth, Ph.D. author of The Energy of Money, financial success is doing what you said you would do with money consistently with:

ClarityBe clear about what is important to you and has meaning for you. This takes thinking, looking at your values and what you want your legacy to be, and real honesty. No one else can determine what success is for you. If you are going to succeed, you need a road map. Did you ever try going to MapQuest and getting directions somewhere without a destination address?

FocusYour energy and attention need to be focused where they will do the most good. I’ve never been diagnosed with ADD, but some of my behaviors fit that disorder. My mind is a big-whirling-dervish of thoughts, ideas, and feelings. That’s why I’m writing this post – to focus. Focus and how to keep it is a whole different subject. Suffice it to say for now, you don’t need to dance with every random thought that floats by. If you do, you will never get anywhere.

EaseDo things the easy way, taking small steps instead of running headlong, getting exhausted, and then being too tired to enjoy your accomplishments at the end of the day. The opposite of ease is struggle, not working harder. This is a tough one! Peace, joy, and gratitude all require a state of ease, and yet ease is as slippery as an eel.  The conundrum is how to be “in action” and still at ease.

GraceThis is linked to your capacity to experience gratitude, to be grateful for what is in front of you right now. That’s it – end of subject. It all boils down to this very basic, fundamental premise: Be grateful – in the moment – for what is now. This state is like a launching pad into change and growth.

I was telling a friend the other day that my Success-O-Meter was at about a 4. “What?” she said, “You’re so hard on yourself. You work harder on your business than most people I know.” It got me to thinking about what success means to me and how I can redefine it so I feel ease instead of anxiety about it. So I ask myself – and now you – these questions:

1. Know yourself. What are you passionate about? What are your talents and gifts? What brings you joy and gives you energy?

2. Treat work like your life – not as separate from it. Are you tapping into your natural gifts to make a living? If not, it makes me wonder how happy eight hours (more or less) of your day are.

3. Change is the unalterable norm. If you are doing what you are passionate about, ask yourself – are you treating it like a living, breathing entity that changes and grows as you do? You may  be doing exactly what you want to do, but you’re not making enough money or it’s getting stale and you are bored with it (or don’t feel the energy needed to keep at it).

4. Don’t listen to the negative “voices” within. In the book, The Energy of Money, the author refers to the Monkey Mind, like the Gremlins in Taming Your Gremlin, or the Stoicheion in Greg Boyd’s video sermon. This force, entity, mindset, can prove destructive.  That critical, negative, nagging voice inside you that hates growth, enlightenment, change or happiness is always buzzing. We can’t stop it, but we can choose to ignore it, or even have a conversation with it that may look like this: “I know you see my efforts as below average and not good enough, and in some ways I think you’re right. But overall I choose to look at my efforts in this endeavor as successful and I’m patting myself on the back right now for all the hard work I’ve invested!”

5. Don’t be afraid to cross the border.  If reality as we know it were divided into two parts, the top part could be called the physical reality (objects, stuff) and the bottom, the metaphysical reality (intangibles like hopes and dreams).  Between these two realms is a border, and guess who guards it? The entity in #4. Turning your ideas, hopes, and dreams into reality requires that you cross this border, negate or defer the voices of opposition, and set to work step by step toward realizing your dream.

See you at the spa!



Be Alive!

Dancers Among Us Project by Jordan Matter

“BE passionate joyful sad euphoric angry intense desperate ecstatic intimate present ALIVE.” Jordan Matter

Right now I’m sitting at the computer nursing my one and only cup of joe for the day and feeling happy (but moderately deprived). I’m thinking of all I am thankful for and excited for my day to unfold. I’m getting a facial this morning! Also walking the beach, getting my husband’s car an oil change, and seeing some clients at the spa.

How about you? Are you living life to its fullest? If not, why not? I don’t want to preach, judge, or lay a guilt trip on you – I’m just curious. (You know me.) Maybe you hate your job, have a relationship going bad – or no relationship at all – are sick or dealing with a chronic health condition. Could be you are out of work, have a wayward child, have experienced a betrayal, or are wrestling with an addiction. If the issue is clinical depression, that’s another ballgame.

And yes, there are seasons in life where things are just not OK for a while. What I’m wondering is “Are you living the life you want to live, and if the answer is no, are you willing to change that?”

My life was kind of tough growing up. Maybe yours was too. I’ve had to do lots of work to recover. Two of the lessons I’ve learned stand out. They both relate to the opening sentence of this post: “BE passionate joyful sad euphoric angry intense desperate ecstatic intimate present ALIVE.” I guess when you have to block bad stuff out to grow up and survive you end up blocking the good out too. Here’s my story of recovery:

In the early days of my massage career I did out-calls. I was asked to pack up my table and come to an island in Minnesota to do massage for “Wild Women’s Weekend.” I spent the weekend with a bunch of hysterical women. They were laughing, playing, joking around, and really enjoying themselves.

I was, of course, working and having a good enough time myself. But I had this niggling question: “How are they able to laugh so much?”

When I got home I decided to learn to laugh (I know, weird, right?) but true nonetheless. Imagine me sitting at the dinner table with my husband and four children practicing laughing out loud. Oh yeah, real funny, huh? But, I did it! I learned how to laugh out loud, and even if I sometimes forget to laugh (which I often do), it’s like riding a bike: One never really forgets how.

The other lesson I had to teach myself is to be angry, out loud. My husband was a great role model – lol. Once I gave myself permission to express anger (I was about 35), he suddenly became much less angry. I guess he was doing my anger for me – geez!

To be fully present and live the life you were meant to live, you need to recover those lost parts of yourself. Those parts you had to cut out to survive. Reclaim your sense of wonder and joy, let yourself feel desperation and anger, follow your passion, let your inner-child out to play.

And next time you get to work, try doing the splits on two desks, I double dare ya. 😀

See you at the new spa!


Press On


One of the benefits of being in the spa industry is that I deal with people everyday, who need to learn to relax – and I’m paid to help them do it.

But this means, I too need to be relaxed – after all, the teacher cannot teach what they themselves haven’t learned.

Lately I’ve been involved in a series of interactions which have caused some personal emotional stress. And it has me wondering – when people are angry, critical, or are just plain sharing their feelings, how do I process the information/interaction in a healthy way?

How do I Tame My Gremlins?

Of course, each situation is so different that there isn’t necessarily one surefire way of handling everything, so here are some ideas that help me cope and navigate my way through uncomfortable relational situations:

  • Be fully present in each situation – Breathe, slow down, and let myself feel whatever comes up.
  • Do more listening and less talking – While listening, let the other know they are heard and check in to be sure they feel understood.
  • Ask for permission to share how I feel – Not everyone is receptive to listening, and sharing when the other isn’t, can leave you in a worse place.
  • Be more curious than furious – Questions are helpful when communication stalls or becomes tense.
  • Be “in choice” rather than reactive  – If I start to feel uncomfortable in my body, it is a clue I need to listen – maybe the conversation needs to be rescheduled to a time when we’ve had a chance to calm down.
  • Don’t take it personally – Realize that each person has a very unique frame of reference/history that I have simply stumbled into with my words or actions. I’m not bad, it’s not all my fault, or all about me.
  • Be accountable – If you do or say something you regret later, or if the situation was unfinished, re-visit it if the other party is receptive at an appropriate time.
  • Check your heart – Intention is so important; I need to ask myself what will be the response that honors me as well as the other person.
  • Take care of yourself – If the situation doesn’t resolve well, or is drawn out over time, I can “ramp up” my self care. This is where a visit to the spa comes in!
  • Press on! – There is a verse in the Bible in the book of Philippians which guides me – it talks about pressing on toward the goal for the prize. What’s your prize, your high calling – happiness, joy, peace, harmony?

See you at the new spa!

Beauty On The Cheap! Part 2


In Straighten Up!, Part 1 of Beauty On The Cheap we talked about posture and how standing and sitting up straight strengthens and beautifies.

In this post let’s talk about how smiling and laughing makes us more beautiful inside and out.

Growing up, I heard the words, “Put a smile on your face” often. Who can (or wants to) smile on command? So, when we talk about smiling in this piece, it’s not to conform to or please anyone else.  Yes, a smile looks beautiful to others, but wearing one cheers you up too!

In the beginning, you may have to practice if you’re not used to smiling much, just like getting into the habit of standing up straight. Tyra Banks coined a term called smizing: smiling with your eyes. At the same time you are smiling you need to recall a happy memory, or imagine a beautiful place – while doing so, your thoughts will actually illuminate your eyes.

Speaking of smiling and being happy, how about laughter? I have a funny story:

One time years ago, I was asked to do massage for “Wild Women’s Weekend”. I packed up my massage table and headed to a beautiful island in Minnesota for the weekend. What I encountered was a group of women engaging in riotous laughter the whole weekend from pretty much everyone – except me. I remember thinking; “I want that!”. The sad part is, I realized I didn’t laugh much – at least not so anyone could hear. My laughing muscle was emaciated  from all the years of disuse. Through Simply Noticing and not judging myself harshly, I began to cultivate a vision of becoming a laugher.

So when I got home I decided to begin “practicing” laughter. My family mocked and jeered me at first because my laughter was contrived – it was funny! But after spending a few weeks on choosing to laugh, it began to feel comfortable.

Am I perceived as a funny person today? Probably not, but I can laugh now – and I value joy above all because I know that when I am joyful I am fully present, thankful, breathing and living life to the fullest.

In order to really produce a beautiful and abiding smile, it needs to come from within. Sure, you can turn it on for an acquaintance or the camera – but that is momentary and looks superficial. What I’m talking about is a perpetual glow of peace, joy and contentment on your face that attracts others and makes you more beautiful.

So we must go deeper. Does a house look clean if you just tidy up and dust a few items? No, but if you deep clean with, as mom would say, “warm soapy water” you can feel the clean – it radiates because it is really clean through and through.

I guess what I’m talking about is “soul cleaning”. Take this little quiz and see what may be dulling your countenance and suppressing your smile. Give yourself 1 point for each yes answer:

  • Do you regularly let-go and forgive others when they offend you?
  • Have you wrestled with childhood issues that need clearing?
  • Do you make an effort not to gossip or hold grudges?
  • Do you keep jealousy and comparing yourself to others in check?
  • Do you consistently live according to your values?
  • Have you chosen friends that are good for you?
  • What about thankfulness? Are you thankful for something everyday?

How did you do? 7 is perfect, don’t worry if you’re not quite there – no one is!

And what about joy, happiness, passion and pleasure?

  • Do you have something you are really looking forward to in the next day or two, in the next week, month or year?
  • If there are relationships or situations in your life that are stressfully unresolved, are you taking action steps toward resolution?
  • Are there intimate friends in your life – and do you spend time nurturing these friendships?
  • Have you made your work part of your life, not just a job, and do you bring your best self to it?
  • Hugging others is one of the easiest ways to stay “in touch”. Do you have human touch in your life regularly, daily?
  • Do you have a “big picture” dream? Have you shared it with others?

Sometimes it’s good to reflect and take inventory. 6 is a perfect score, if there is an item or two that you had to really think about, you may want to jot it down to ponder later.

How well do you care for yourself?

  • Do you sleep enough?
  • Drink enough water?
  • Eat healthy most of the time?
  • Exercise regularly?
  • What are your spiritual practices? Do you spend time in prayer and meditation to renew this aspect of your being daily?

5 is perfect – don’t be too hard on yourself. It has taken me 55 years to develop healthy lifestyle habits, and I still fall short – often!

How about bad self-care habits?

  • Do you abstain from smoking and drinking or at least keep these vices to the bare minimum?
  • Do you make a conscious effort not to spend time feeling guilt, shame or regret?
  • Do you know what’s good for you, and do it most of the time?

3 is great, but maybe we should be scoring one another so there is no bias. 😉 We all justify our habits and choices, I know I do – but be honest with yourself, that’s the most important thing.

So raise your hand if you got a 21! Now do 10 “Hail Marys”.

Did you know smiling and laughing required so much work? Well, it doesn’t really – it is actually a state of grace, but living your life so that smiling and laughter are a natural habit will require some “inner house cleaning”, and of course homes don’t stay clean, you need to develop a regular habit of maintenance.

Above all, don’t wait for your circumstances to change to be happy. Happiness is a choice.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” And remember: “Faut souffrir pour être belle.” “One must suffer to be beautiful.”

See you at the spa!

Three Life Changing Health and Wellness Tips

Part of my business  model at Star Brows is about helping people have healthy bodies and learn to relax.

Most of you know that in addition to pursuing beauty by shaping eyebrows, doing makeup, waxing and giving facials, I love working with the body by doing massage and teaching dance class.

I have been creating businesses around health and fitness for 35 years! What I bring to you today are 3 health and wellness tips that can change your life.

1.) Study your food cravings: What stops the rampage started the rampage in the first place.

You have a craving and are rummaging through the pantry looking for something to satisfy it. Take note. What satisfies that craving is what is causing the urge to satisfy it in the first place.

Think about the possibility that the particular food or substance you crave is, or contains something that your body is sensitive to.

This is obvious in the case of toxic substances like alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, sweets and empty carbs right? But healthy foods can be the culprit too. As an example: I crave fruit – all the time. I’m beginning to believe I have a sugar imbalance issue that I need to explore.

When you eat the substance you crave your body sends out histamines and endorphins to counteract the sensitive reaction. This gives you a natural “high.” But after that high comes a crash and your body will crave what caused the high. Pay attention to what that could be. What are the ingredients? You may even want to write them down.

Next time you have a familiar craving, notice what the ingredients have in common? Avoid them and see if the craving ends. If you control the use of that “substance” in your diet, you will feel better.

2.) Sleep. You know you need it, how much? That’s up to each individual.  I like 9 hours at night and 20 minutes during the day (on the floor, not the bed).

Did you know that light inhibits the production of melatonin ( a sleep hormone)? Computer and television screens count as light. 😉 Have a period of time before you try to fall asleep of quiet darkness. Prayer and meditation is a sure-fire way for me to fall asleep!

3.) De-stressing is the most important thing you can do for your health.

When you are under stress, your body doesn’t know the difference between: you can’t make the deadline or you are being chased by a lion. Hormones flood your system, your blood pressure increases, lots of things are going on.

A little of this is good, especially if you are being chased by something dangerous, but constant stress will tear your body down fast. If you are tired or irritable, your body is stressed and is telling you to relax.

What relaxes you is different than what relaxes me. I have many activities and states of being that I cultivate for relaxation, here’s a few on my list (I’ve left out all the toxic forms of pseudo-relaxation):

  • Massage or spa service
  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Beach walk
  • Phone calls to friends/family
  • Laughing
  • Get together with a loved one
  • Take a nap
  • Eat something healthy and yummy
  • Rest
  • Play on the computer
  • Enjoy nature
  • Dance
  • Read
  • Prayer, praise and intercession

Staying healthy isn’t just about avoiding harmful things. It means being proactive about your well-being. Your own body is the best source of health and wellness insight. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, what is it telling you right now? What do you need to add or take away in your life?

See you at the spa!

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Remember to “Be Linda”

Wilma from the Flintstones made me happy when I was a little girl – and she still does! She was great at expressing herself (especially if she was mad at Fred), but she was also quick to laugh and move on.

I’ve heard it said that you were “your most true self” when you were very little.

Gretchen Rubin, who wrote “The Happiness Project” reminds us to “Be Ourselves”.

As an adult,  I find myself wrestling with “chronos” time (the Greek word for time that means chronological, sequential time) while longing for “kairos” time (the Greek word describing how events unfold at the perfect time).

Many of my lists and tasks as wife, mother, business owner, homemaker etc. are done in chronos time, it’s my default mode. In fact – my temperament type, personality and upbringing all point to this rather driven way of being.

Yet I aspire to shift  into kairos, which is a space where faith lives. This is the space I was born into and occupied effortlessly for the first years of my life. I can be “Linda” and still relax into the moment, if I can remember how.

I need to consciously choose to believe that I’m not behind, that things will work out, and that life is bigger and more forgiving than my limited  and harried race against the clock.

Walt Whitman says: “Happiness, knowledge, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour.”

I was raised by a woman who was into the women’s lib movement. She went back to school to get her law degree with 4 kids at home. She would flit off to fabulous destination spa resorts while my dad was on hunting trips. She was creating a new kind of role for a woman that was so different from her fore-mothers.

At home, mom went to The European Health Spa – a glorious facility, and the only place in the Twin Cities like it at the time… the 70’s.

She would sneak me into the spa at 15 (pretending I was 18), and I would sauna, steam, swim, get a massage and drink smoothies to my heart’s desire.

Who would have known that I would own a spa myself someday? I found pleasure in those quiet hours at the spa as a girl, the same way I felt swimming at the cabin, hunting turtles, picking fresh berries in the woods, or sitting on grandma’s lap. The common denominator in these experiences was the joy I felt.

I fancy myself as being in the “happiness business”. At the spa, time disappears. No lists to complete, people to please, or tasks to perform. Just you, your breath, your thoughts and a myriad of sensations. A safe place to go where your contentment is numero uno.

And I get to come along on the journey! I set the tone, the mood – create the space for you to be…just you.

That’s not to say that spa-going is the end-all, be-all to self discovery or enlightenment; it’s just one simple, uncomplicated way, one place to discover and be you!

I’ve found that serving others through the art of touch and personal grooming is one of the many things that brings me happiness. Now, your job is to figure out what brings you happiness, can you remember? – once you’ve done that, it’s easy to share!

See you at the spa!

Taming Your Gremlin Part 2

This is the second in a series of 3 that I am writing on one of my favorite books. Here is a link to  the Taming Your Gremlin (TYG) website, if you want to check it out.

I hope you’ve read and have been “practicing” Part 1: The first in 3 steps to TYG called Simply  Noticing. We were all born simply noticing – and then we developed our intellect.  It’s kind of like  doing artwork when you were a kid: it was a natural, free and fun process until Mrs.  Brown said,  “That’s not a house Susie, draw it like this, and please try to stay in the lines”….remember?

But never fear, it’s not too late to recover the child within! You too can learn to deeply breath, feel again, and live in the joy of the present moment.

So, that brings us to Step 2 in TYG: Choose and Play with Options. Take a breath, and as a neutral observer simply notice what you are feeling and thinking. This amazing “window” opens and fresh “air” floods your mind, (isn’t breathing wonderful?).

Choosing and playing with options comes after the all important breath of awareness that you take. If you skip this breath/noticing part – you’re on your own. You will continue to do the “same old” – and how’s that working for ya?

The important parts of choosing and playing with options are:

  • Choosing comes right after the breath, but it is not the final opportunity for choice, it is just the beginning.
  • If you are feeling lots of pressure/stress in the moment, the process of choosing an option will have to evolve over time – no biggie! That’s why we call it playing with options you can start one way and change.
  • Sometimes you need to observe and simply notice over an extended period of time to develop awareness of an issue before you are ready to choose an option.
  • Remember, not choosing is a choice/option. But when you pick that, remember to simply notice how it’s working for you.

I am always “re-learning” about this little process: Recently I decided to give up 3 toxic substances for Lent. You see I simply noticed that every time I felt certain emotions, I would use a substances instead of breathing and simply noticing. Blocking, avoiding, masking, breathing shallowly and hiding from the truth of the matter – you know the drill :).

In my situation, I simply noticed that I was:

  • Using toxic substances often.
  • Feeling extra stress in my body.
  • Forming some habits/addictions.
  • Feeling powerless.
  • Having a hard time discerning what I was really feeling.

Here are the options I chose to play with:

  • Being a Type A, I decided to quit all three substances cold turkey. Dive right in, that’s me! Whee 😉
  • First I needed to check to see if the water was deep enough so I didn’t smash my head. What kinds of support would I need? Both for my physical body, and my heart/emotions.
  • I also needed to explore what emotions, fears and anxiety sources I was hiding from.
  • Then, I could begin to walk it out, breathing and talking with God step by step in my new journey. Staying fully present and choosing and playing with options as I went along.

Because I have developed some skill in this little game, I am actually enjoying it – and I’m enjoying sharing it with you. After all breathing is not hard to do, and playing isn’t difficult is it?

See you at the spa!