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Oscar Thoughts

Age is nothing but a number to gorgeous stars including Sandra, Demi, Helen Mirren, Meryl, Sigourney and J. Lo. These over 40 beauties are great in pictures, but I bet they look like us before fabulous makeup artists work their magic!

To make it onto my healthy aging “A” list you need; expression and smile lines, your own tatas, and a healthy womanly looking figure.
Cameron Diaz  is such a pretty woman – and I loved her red lips; I hope she was wearing LipSense so it stayed on all night!

Diane Krueger’s smokey eye, pale lip color and great bone structure is striking! She was a favorite look of mine: simple, classic, and elegant.

Julianne Moore makes a case for sunscreen on the forearms. Freckles are cute when you are young, but tend to multiply as you age, especially when you don’t practice safe sun.

Penelope Cruz needs facial waxing. Some ethnicities like to rock the “sideburn” , but I’m not a fan.

And finally for the ladies, Helen Mirren celebrated what a naturally healthy aging woman looks like!

And what is up with all the guys’ scruffy beards? Thanks, Zac, for shaving – you look great, mmmm!

See you at the spa!