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LaVaque Professional Artist

Check this out! I’m featured as an Eyebrow Design Professional in the company of some of the best designers and Makeup Artists in the country:

Linda Ruberto is the owner of Star Brows, a solo spa on California’s Central Coast. She has been in practice since 1995. Linda has transformed the look of thousands of clients with her signature eyebrow design approach and has employed and mentored hundreds of beauty professionals.

She has published articles in some of the skincare industry’s premier magazines, and writes a beauty and wellness blog at Starbrows.com.

Her professional credentials include a Certified Massage Practitioner certification from the California Massage Therapy Council and a California State Licensed Esthetician credential. Linda is also a member of Associated Skin Care Professionals and Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.

Linda’s Philosophy:

I operate from the notion that every woman wants to be treated like a star. Every service I do includes a touch of spa luxury, and every client is a VIP.

The term Beauty Therapist best describes my professional role. Like my mentor, the fabulous late David Starr, I really need to feel and know the heart of each individual woman to bring out her beauty and create the perfect look and experience just for her.

My premier offerings, Couture Eyebrow Design and Heather Gardner jewelry, reflect my belief in luxury, haute couture, and personalized service. Once a woman’s brows are perfect, her makeup is just right, and she’s totally relaxed, slipping on a gorgeous pair of earrings or the perfect necklace helps bring out each woman’s unique beauty.

I’ve made it my personal mission to eradicate the term Anti-Aging from the industry at large. The age-biased beauty propaganda our culture espouses and directs toward women through the media needs to change. Aging is inevitable, aging women are spectacular, and really, isn’t Healthy Aging the desired outcome for us all?

“Many thanks to Juliana and Barry, LaVaque Professional’s owners, for honoring industry artists! I appreciate their receptiveness to those of us who earn our living with their fabulous tools and products. What genius to come up with tweezers that are friendly to the repetitive use issues facing industry professionals.” –Linda Ruberto

Star Brows of the Week – Agyness Deyn

British supermodel Agyness Deyn is my pick for Star Brows of the Week.  Obviously I like bleached hair and dark brows.  Agyness, born Laura Hollins, is very unmodel-y and a little rebel-looking. The look feels liberated, with a sense of the “healthy masculine.”

My husband gave me a card for our 33rd anniversary the other day that read, “From the one who wears the pants in the family, to the one who tells him which ones to wear.” 😀

Ms. Deyn’s brows are very flat, the arch is way outside the rim of the iris, and the thickness is the same throughout the body of the brow.  So what? Her brows are much darker than her hair, as well, so she appears to be breaking all the rules, right?

Here’s the deal: You cannot design everyone’s brows with a cookie-cutter method. That’s why when people ask me about “Threading,” I tell them that more important than how you remove the hair is the designer’s skill at interpreting the best look for you.

Our Star Brows feature this week has got a distinctive look that works. She has taken into consideration her “brand” as a model. She’s not just trying to have “the perfect brows.” Look at all the light around her eyes (probably a white pencil), the pale lip, the cheek contouring, and the way her hair draws attention to the center of her face.

See you at the spa!