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Three Life Changing Health and Wellness Tips

Part of my business  model at Star Brows is about helping people have healthy bodies and learn to relax.

Most of you know that in addition to pursuing beauty by shaping eyebrows, doing makeup, waxing and giving facials, I love working with the body by doing massage and teaching dance class.

I have been creating businesses around health and fitness for 35 years! What I bring to you today are 3 health and wellness tips that can change your life.

1.) Study your food cravings: What stops the rampage started the rampage in the first place.

You have a craving and are rummaging through the pantry looking for something to satisfy it. Take note. What satisfies that craving is what is causing the urge to satisfy it in the first place.

Think about the possibility that the particular food or substance you crave is, or contains something that your body is sensitive to.

This is obvious in the case of toxic substances like alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, sweets and empty carbs right? But healthy foods can be the culprit too. As an example: I crave fruit – all the time. I’m beginning to believe I have a sugar imbalance issue that I need to explore.

When you eat the substance you crave your body sends out histamines and endorphins to counteract the sensitive reaction. This gives you a natural “high.” But after that high comes a crash and your body will crave what caused the high. Pay attention to what that could be. What are the ingredients? You may even want to write them down.

Next time you have a familiar craving, notice what the ingredients have in common? Avoid them and see if the craving ends. If you control the use of that “substance” in your diet, you will feel better.

2.) Sleep. You know you need it, how much? That’s up to each individual.  I like 9 hours at night and 20 minutes during the day (on the floor, not the bed).

Did you know that light inhibits the production of melatonin ( a sleep hormone)? Computer and television screens count as light. 😉 Have a period of time before you try to fall asleep of quiet darkness. Prayer and meditation is a sure-fire way for me to fall asleep!

3.) De-stressing is the most important thing you can do for your health.

When you are under stress, your body doesn’t know the difference between: you can’t make the deadline or you are being chased by a lion. Hormones flood your system, your blood pressure increases, lots of things are going on.

A little of this is good, especially if you are being chased by something dangerous, but constant stress will tear your body down fast. If you are tired or irritable, your body is stressed and is telling you to relax.

What relaxes you is different than what relaxes me. I have many activities and states of being that I cultivate for relaxation, here’s a few on my list (I’ve left out all the toxic forms of pseudo-relaxation):

  • Massage or spa service
  • Chiropractic treatment
  • Beach walk
  • Phone calls to friends/family
  • Laughing
  • Get together with a loved one
  • Take a nap
  • Eat something healthy and yummy
  • Rest
  • Play on the computer
  • Enjoy nature
  • Dance
  • Read
  • Prayer, praise and intercession

Staying healthy isn’t just about avoiding harmful things. It means being proactive about your well-being. Your own body is the best source of health and wellness insight. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, what is it telling you right now? What do you need to add or take away in your life?

See you at the spa!

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