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Madonna Spring Bridal Show: Brides, Brows, Bikinis!

brow, braz, bik, bridesWe will be at the Madonna Inn Bridal Show in booth C6, Sunday, April 14, from 12:00-4:00. The theme of our booth this year will be Brides, Brows, Bikinis.

  • iPad Check-in: Enter to win a Spa Package for Two

Follow Star Brows on Twitter – get 1 entry

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  • Every attendee who makes an appointment with us at the show for brows, bikini, or any other service at the spa, will get a complimentary Billion Dollar Brows  Universal Brow Pencil and Makeup Bag!
  • Gift bags will be available for the first 300 brides, featuring a 20% off Coupon and more.
  • Stop by the booth and enter to win a  Spa Party for Two at Star Brows!! Pick two wedding party members to join you for a One Hour Massage and a One Hour Facial Spa Package!
  • We’ll have Heather Gardner jewelry at the Bridal Show again from her gorgeous Spring/Summer Collection!
  • Kelli June and I will be available for consultations, and our friend Chrystal from Grand Bouquet Florist will help make our booth fabulous!

See you at Madonna

Judge Me – Please

Do you use Yelp to review places? I do, and I have been soooo tempted to give different businesses I’ve had negative experiences with a bad review. It feels cathartic. You get to tell someone what you really think. In fact, I am most proud of my review of Yelp itself. They deserved it, and I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings because it’s an entity using machines to make decisions with algorithms, right?

Some people do that for a living, like Perez Hilton. But that’s different because he targets celebrities and they’re fair game. Right, again?

Well, to my point. I’m a businesswoman, and like my “friend” Seth Godin  says, “You have a choice – to be ignored, or talked about.” I guess I have to “choose” to be talked about. Otherwise I wouldn’t get much business.

Since I’ve added serving the wedding market to my business, this whole “judging thing” has really come to the forefront. Star Brows is in the process of joining The Central Coast Wedding Professionals. It’s a really great group, and I’m excited to join. They require four bride’s reviews from the past year and three reviews from wedding professionals you’ve worked with. Fair enough. But getting them is another story:

  • Women who just got married are kind of busy, and writing a referral is not on the top of their to-do list. Plus, they’re done with you. You’ve served your purpose.
  • Asking people once if they’ll give you a review (and possibly reducing your price as compensation) is uncomfortable enough, but having to remind them is annoying – for both of us!
  • Most businesspeople are so busy (enter wedding professionals) that they seem to be really responsive only on the front-end when there’s money to be made.
  • Asking brides to judge your work is unsettling since it’s a pretty high stress day, something may have bugged them, and when they write the review they may purge.

Just going to the meet-n-greets held by organisations like Central Coast Bride, whose group I love, can be stressful. You don’t know many people, if anyone, and face it – there’s judging going on. I’m guilty too. Why, just the other night I was sitting in a bar after the meeting and one professional said to the other, “Business good for you?” She asks, “Yeah, great.  You?” He says, “Really good!” She says, “What recession!?” “I know, right?” he says.

What recession?*@! I guess maybe the wedding market will stay strong in any economy, people aren’t going to quit getting married, and spending money on it.

Wedding Wire is a new “review site” I’ve joined. Whah, I only have one review, and it’s 4 of 5 stars. Some makeup artists have 60 or more reviews. Granted, they have been around longer, and they probably would have been Homecoming King/Queen or Student Council members. Popular. Cool.

And then there’s Facebook, which has Likes, Check-ins, and Friends. People can decide if you are popular or not just by looking at your numbers.

The whole thing reminds me of when I’d stand on the sidelines in school while they were picking teams and I was last, even when it was a friend who was captain. Seriously, I need to move on, get over it, right? What recession?

So what’s the take-away for you (and me), after you’ve spent your precious time to read my rant? I think it’s the basic stuff we learned in kindergarten: Be nice. Don’t say mean things to or about others. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Respect others. Don’t pout. Do your own personal best.

Got it.

See you at the spa!