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The Perfect Tweezers!

New at Star Brows: LaVaque Professional, my tweezers of choice! These professional level tweezers are meticulously accurate. They come in Mini $15 and Regular $20 Slant Tip.

  • Professional precision
  • Matte finish for non-slip grip
  • Ultra-thin tips easily lift the hair, while perfectly hand-filed tips give you the best grip
  • Lightweight
  • Soft-tension, specially engineered to reduce strain on your fingers
  • Stainless Steel
  • Lifetime company guarantee
Pick one up today. We’ll see you at the spa!

Silent Auction and Raffle at Coastal Glam 2012

I hope we are on your calendar for an evening of wine and jewels, Coastal Glam, Thursday, 1/26, from 6:00-9:00 pm! It is an RSVP-only event, but last time I checked, there was still room for you and a friend or two.

We planned the event just before Valentine’s Day for a couple of reasons: Women love jewelry (especially if they get to pick it!), spa service gift certificates are also a hit, and how better to show love than to help impoverished, orphaned children?

Seems like a home-run to me: shopping, wine, friends, and fun – all for a charitable cause!


Take a look below at the Raffle we’ll be doing the night of the event! The prize is  a 32″ 4 Layer Ethiopian Metal Bead and Crystal Necklace (shown below)! It’s leather wrapped, with gold and black diamond swarovski crystal. You want this – I know I do! $130 value

We’ve also collected a few items for the Silent Auction, and I thought I’d give you a sneak peak. Proceeds will help support the children of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Spa Package  – This is a luxurious Star Brows experience from head to toe (for a man or woman). Perfect for a V-Day gift or just for you! Two hours of bliss: “Integrative Massage, Face and Foot Treatment, and Raindrop Therapy and a beautiful African sisal grass basket (thanks Mike!). It’s filled with Hempz Body Lotion, a favorite vanilla soy candle, shower mitt and a bath towel.” $190 value

Heather Gardner Signature Swarovski Crystal Necklace – This is gorgeous, and it goes with everything! I have one. 🙂 It’s 36″.  Heather donated this to benefit little Bronson’s Care Center. $130 value

Robert Hall Wine – These are my four faves: 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2010 Viognier, 2010 Orange Muscat (Margaret’s Vineyard), and 2007 Rhone de Robles. Thanks Dad and Margaret! $71 value

Responsible Referrals Package – Our friend Mike donated the items in this auction offering, which were made by orphaned children and widows in Kenya. This is a beautiful collection of jewelry and carvings in a handwoven Ethiopian basket Valery and Jonathan brought back with them on their last visit to the country. $75+ value

Brow B.F.F. Kit – This is your brows’ new bestie! What’s in it? Brow Boost, Brow Buddy, Universal Brow Pencil, Brow Gel, Tweezers, and a Billion Dollar Brows Makeup Bag. $105 value

Bath & Body by Tu’el – A great collection of products, all of which are in my shower right now! Native Botanica Lotion, Peeling Cream (for face and body), Hydrating Body Tonic, De-Tox Bath Gel, and and a pair of nylon gloves to scrub with. Thanks Eva’s Esthetics! $82 value


Win a 32″ Four-Layer Ethiopian Metal Bead and Crystal Necklace by Heather Gardner! Receive ONE Raffle Ticket the night of the event for Each of the Following You Do:

Bring a Friend

• Get one ticket for each friend you bring. Remember to RSVP.

Facebook: Check-In

• Open your Facebook Application from your Smart Phone.

• Log in if you are not already logged in.

• Select “Check-In” at the top right.

• Select your location.

• Hit “Post.”

Yelp: Check-In

• Open your YELP Application from your Smart Phone.

• Log in if you are not already logged in.

• Click “Search.”

• Type in “Star Brows -GroverBeach.”

• Select “Star Brows” from Options.

• Click “Check-In.”

Twitter: Become a Follower & Tweet about the Event

• Open your Twitter Application from your Smart Phone.

• Log in if you are not already logged in.

• Follow @StarBrows.

• Tweet: “At Coastal Glam with @StarBrows & @HeatherGardnerMalibu.”

Coastal Glam at Star Brows – Save the Date!

Ladies, Valentine’s Day is coming – time to drop your hints! I’ve invited Heather Gardner to do a trunk show to launch her couture jewelry line at Star Brows!

We’ve planned a really fun evening out for you – watch us on the Star Brows or Coastal Glam Facebook pages for  free prizes and more info about the event!

Save the date now!

What? Coastal Glam – An Evening of Wine and Jewels

When? Thursday, January 26 from 6:00-9:00 pm

Where? Star Brows – 1065 West Grand Ave. Grover Beach CA

Contact? Linda@StarBrows.com or 805-722-8222

Want to Know More About The Event?

This will be a dazzling evening of Couture at Star Brows. It will include a Silent Auction featuring a Robert Hall Wine Basket, A Star Brows Day Spa Package, and jewelry by Heather Gardner. A portion of all jewelry and Silent Auction proceeds from the evening will benefit the children in the Care Center of Addis Ababa, Ehiopia where my grandson Bronson currently lives. His parents, our daughter Valery and her husband Jonathan, will be helping host the evening.

As an added bonus, we’ll be serving Robert Hall wines and yummy appetizers prepared by our talented chef-in-residence, my husband Paul. And BTW, Heather Gardner is Jonathan’s sister!(Truly nepotism at its finest!)

About Heather Gardner Malibu

Artist/owner Heather Gardner, whose jewelry is worn by A-List celebrities, will be there to help launch her collection at Star Brows. Her jewelry line blends nature’s beauty with modern trend-setting style.

As a global traveler and outdoor adventurer, Heather seeks to capture the essence of the world’s beauty in her designs as well as the essence of earth, femininity, and fashion. The color palette of the minerals, gemstones, and crystal selected reflects the colors she has discovered in the places that inspire her most.

I’ve been wearing – and loving – Heather’s jewelry for years. So, featuring the Heather Gardner line at the spa is a dream come true!

We’ve sent evites to our current clients. Remember to check out the Star Brows Facebook and Coastal Glam Event page, and share with your friends. Together we can make the evening a great success!

Please RSVP to let us know if you’ll be attending. Hope you can make it!

See you at the spa!



Adele – Star Brow of the Week

Adele is amazing! I just burned a new CD for the spa that features her. Have you heard her song  Someone Like You? Taylor Swift beat her out for Artist of the Year at the AMA…really?

But she, and not Taylor, is the Star Brow of the Week. 🙂 I love her creamy skin, her facial contouring makeup looks really pretty, too.

Although her brows are not perfect – a bit short and same width-y – they are pretty in auburn, and her eyes dazzle.

How would I transform her brows?

1. I would have her use Brow Boost to grow them in.

2. She needs more length at the head and tail to support her huge eyes.

3. More fullness in the brow itself would work better for her.

4. Although I like the contouring above the eye crease, it doesn’t quite make up for the fact that her arch is too high. I’d work that down over time.

5. The brow on the right is higher so as we are lowering both brows we’d be more aggressive with to-line waxing/tweezing that one.

6. When the head of the brow (by the nose)  grows in I’d make it a little gauzy and messy so it makes the brow look more bohemian/earthy and less “perfect”.

You go, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins!  And if you’re reading this Adele, I’d love to see you, call me. 805-722-8222

See you at the spa!

Picture Perfect

I did a photo shoot the other day down at the Creek in the little village of Arroyo Grande with  photographer and friend, Marilyn Rivas Tate. What a beautiful setting, and what a photographer! Marilyn (and her equipment) were amazing.

At 55 I wasn’t very confidant about doing “beauty shots”. I knew I could do my makeup – duh, and I knew she could make the magic on her end, but I’m not a 20 something model anymore – so I was apprehensive.

I had to do my makeup early in the morning because I had a full day of clients. My everyday makeup would have left my features washed-out for photos.

Here is a list of what I did for my session with Marilyn and what I recommend when I do makeup for a special event or photo session.

1.) One week before the event you should do your last skincare treatment. I recommend a facial Peel that is appropriate for your skin-type. An exfoliating and hydrating treatment will provide a smoother, more even canvas for makeup application.

2.) 3 days after a peel you can have your eyebrows waxed. Fabulous brows are a must!

3.) To prep the skin before you apply makeup: cleanse your face, use a product with sodium hylauronate (Hy-Drate by Tu’el) to retain the skin’s water, and apply sunscreen.

4.) If you need sweat-proof makeup for the heat, humidity, or the scrutiny of  flashbulbs, wear an oil absorbing product. Greasy skin does not look pretty in pictures or in real life.

My pick: Absorb by Tu’el

5.) Prime-time! Almost ready for makeup. But first, primer is something to have on hand when you have a crazy-long day, or when you want a flawless look. It creates a protective base and a smoother surface for fine lines, acne scaring or any other irregularity in the skin. It allows foundation to be applied evenly and effortlessly.

6.) Hmmm, what foundation to wear? Youngblood Mineral Makeup of course. I love the option of very light to full coverage with this mineral makeup. It also has an SPF rating of up to 30 (about 8 SPF for most applications). Did you know it is better to have wear  mineral makeup than bare skin when going out?

7.) Next add highlighters, bronzing powders, blush and contouring.

  • Highlight the eyes. Under the brow bone and by the tear duct, place some white or brightening highlighter. I don’t love shimmer or glitter on older, crepey or dry skin :'( matte is better. But for all you kids out there (or for those who don’t give a s*^#) shimmer away!

My pick: Youngblood Mineral Makeup

  • Contour the eyes. Puffy upper lids require shadow in earth tones (grays or browns) to minimize.

My pick: Trucco Hi-brow Trio

  • Use a darker foundation or bronzing powder, in hollows of checks and possibly under the chin and the sides of the nose – every face is different.

My pick:  Sunglow Mineral Makeup

8.) Lashes! Curl, prime, curl again, and coat 1,2,3 or more times.

My pick: Youngblood’s Outrageous Lashes Mineral Lengthening Mascara

9.) Lips! For long-lasting lip color naturally, I use lip liner all over and then touch up with gloss.

My pick: I love Youngblood Mineral Lip Liner and Gloss combo.

10.) Brows! A professional shaping and consultation is essential. Don’t do any waxing at least 3 days before the event in case you break out a little.

  • Use a pencil a little lighter than you want the brows to end up, to fill in and lengthen the brow shape.
  • Brush them out.
  • A brow powder will soften and add dimension to the eyebrow (the same Trucco Hi-brow Trio you used to contour the eyes is perfect).

11.) And finally, whether your on the big or the little screen, you need to understand the importance of taking it all off at the end of the day.

I can’t wait to get my skin clean because I know the secret to having great looking skin in the morning is removing all that makeup at night, and this is one of the most important beauty tips you can follow.

If you leave makeup on overnight, it can clog your pores causing all kinds of breakouts, blackheads, and uneven skin tone. Plus, your skin renews itself at night and cant effectively do that if its covered in old makeup.

My pick: Hydrophylic Cleansing Oil and Herbalizer by Tu’el

12.) And last but not least, get plenty of beauty sleep the night before!

See you at the spa!

Golden Globes, Star Brows Style

The rain at the Golden Globes wilted everybody’s hair, clothes and makeup; but even the rain couldn’t wash away the love and warm thoughts that everyone in attendance was sending out to the people of Haiti.  In between the water, awards and words of support, I sneaked a peak at the faces of the lovely ladies and gents; and here’s my take:

Because I am a woman in her Second Adulthood (as Gail Sheehy in “The Silent Passage” puts it) – I looked at how other women my age looked. One note to the over 40 crowd: Don’t turn your face into a fake, wax mess. Cause guess what? Even if you do, you’ll still look your age!

Helen Mirren and  Meryl Streep were my most favorite ladies over forty; Sophia Loren and Glenn Close were my least.

Most of the gals had “see thru” foundations (like mineral makeup) on, and I love looking at real skin. Remember: you have the skin you were born with until you are about 30, then you have the skin you deserve.

Eyelashes were also important at the Globes, but not the “fake strip” kind. I would guess many of the stars are getting lash extensions these days. Extensions used to be part of my repertoire, but they’re expensive, time consuming and like acrylic nails, require constant professional maintenance. I recommend applying individual lashes instead– if you feel you really need more.

But I digress…back to the celebrities:

January Jones – While most of the gals at the Globes were wearing nude colored lipstick, January stood out in red lipstick–and I loved it! In fact, she was one of my favorite women of the evening. I could have tweeked her brows very slightly (but I’m a bit OCD); but all-in-all, they were nice and thick, and fairly well shaped and colored. Her lashes were lovely, and the black headband she wore was spot on. Hair accessories are like makeup – get some!

Taylor Lautner – I’ll admit, I love everything about Twilight, including the stylist’s who work on the cast. Top notch. Taylor’s brows are cool, his skin looks nice and clean.  He’s a package!

Sandra Bullock – The warm toned lip color she wore really brought out her brown eyes; but her brows were a little too thin and light. They needed to do a better job of supporting her dark eyes. Highlighter shadow made her eyes sparkle and lift. She has beautiful skin (regular facials), her bone structure is strong (genetics); and she’s got the personality to back up her beauty!

Kate Hudson – It was ALL about the eyes on her. I loved the “cat eye” liner at the tear duct. She was great in the movie “9” – her sense of style is impeccable. What more can I say?

George Clooney – So many guys were sporting facial hair (which I personally don’t love), but George’s was the biggest mess of them all – and he kept petting it!  And hey George, salt and pepper much? People.com gave him the  “Sexiest Facial Hair” award. I give him a big, fat ewww!

Halle Berry – All I will say is this: If you have jet black hair, your brows should not be grey.

Vera Farmiga – She took a chance to look different with her “smoky eye”; and I admire that. I liked the look when I watched the show, but now that I’m looking at pictures of the event, I’m not such a fan.  Maybe it’s her horrible eyebrows that are throwing me off…Here comes that OCD again!

If you’re looking for who did the “smoky eye” thing well, look no further than Diane Kruger. Flawless! But be careful with this look. Liner is big this year, but not everyone can pull off black.  Marion Cotillard channeling Audrey Hepburn is a great example of someone who can pull off “smoky eyes”–and just like Kate, I loved her in “9”.

Christina Aguilera – Clearly, she bleached her brows. A look that made her seem younger, but one that only the confidently fashion forward can play with.  However, it is important for everyone (fashion forward or not) to dye your brows if they are too light. I like the vegetable dyes that estheticians use rather than hair dye around the eye area.

Last but not least, Drew Barrymore – What a great personality – even with some facial paralysis she pulls off glam. She wore red lipstick too which was OK, but she kissed most of it off – not OK. She is growing her brows closer to the bridge of her nose (good), but they are too scanty and should have been filled in to make them look like the rest of the brow. Kate Winslet had the same problem, in case you were wondering.

If you decide to grow your brows, here’s a few things to note: The fashion trend is to grow the “head” of the brow closer to the midline of the face (I’ve been teaching it for 5 years!). Gausey is good; sparse looks unfinished. Before your brows grow in completely, use makeup to make them match. Find a pencil that matches your natural brow color perfectly, then you can fill in with little faux hairs, blur with a brush and apply some brow powder to soften.

Well, there you have it: The Star Brows Golden Globes rundown.  People I can’t talk about this year? Mariah CareyClooney’s date, Alec Baldwin, Cameron DiazFergieNicole Kidman (is she nipping out in every shot?), Ricky Gervais (but what a mischievous comedian!), and Chloe Sevigny (pose much?).

I’d be interested in knowing what you thought?

Can’t wait to hear from you or better yet, to see you at the Spa!