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The Perfect Brow Test

Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about skin care.  But that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten my true passion. After all, the name of my business–and this blog– is Star Brows.

So, to help you know whether you have the perfect brows–or whether you need to make an appointment with me–take this quiz.  If you can answer “Yes!” to these five questions, then you truly have the perfect brows, but if not, get to your nearest salon (hopefully mine) ASAP!

Here ya go:

1. My brow starts inside the point (closer to the nose) above my tear duct.

2. The high point or arch of my brow is above the outside of my iris.

3. The high point of my arch is 2X the height of my eyelid (from lashline to crease)?

4. The width of the “head” or beginning of my brow is 1/3 the width of the distance from the lid crease to the arch?

5. The color of my brows is at least as dark as my roots.

See you at the spa!