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Beautiful After 40

One of my daughters and I at the spa.

If you’re not over 40 yet, you will be someday, so listen up. 🙂

Let’s talk about what constitutes timeless beauty. (And you won’t hear the phrase “anti-aging” because I’m not – against aging, that is)!

Now I know American women are not known for their beauty, but I personally have known thousands of gorgeous women who hail from this land.

I’ve been in the beauty business all my life. I grew up in dance class (lots of mirrors), opened a performing arts studio in my 20s, did some modeling, sold cosmetics and skincare, ran a big salon/spa, and now I’m in a private studio-spa having the time of my life working with women to become more beautiful inside and out at age 56!

One of my most-read posts is  How Do French Women Stay So Beautiful. Since I’m writing this on the 4th of July though, let’s talk about how American women stay so beautiful.

Here is a link to a post called  The Most Beautiful American Women of All Time, in case you’d like to know about popular opinion.

And here’s my recipe for long-lasting beauty – not in order of importance and not just with regard to physical beauty:

  • Start self-care early in life. It’s much easier to develop and keep great habits than to try to undo bad ones like unprotected sunbathing, smoking, drinking, and drugs.
  • Exercise. Build “movement opportunities” into your lifestyle. Dance, walk the beach, bike-ride with your kids, explore nature with a friend, have a work-out date with your man.
  • Cultivate spirituality. Everyone needs hope, vision, a standard to live by, and a higher purpose to keep going.
  • Build community. Don’t be a lone ranger. You need love and support.
  • Drink water and eat right. “Yes mother.” You know the drill.
  • You are spirit, you have a soul, and you live in a body. If there is an order of importance for cultivating true beauty inside and out, this is it. Your soul is your personality, your emotions. Look inside, seek to heal, learn, and grow.
  • Get advice to stay fashionable. My daughters teach me about fashion all the time. Plug in to today’s look by reading magazines, working with beauty consultants (like me!), and finding darling clerks to work with when selecting new clothes or accessories.
  • Be confident. Be true to yourself, not just a follower. Blend personal style into the latest style. You might just set the next new fashion trend!
  • Ramp up personal care – especially after menopause. I used to hate my period, with all its bothersome side-effects – but now, I miss my hormones! They kept my skin hydrated, cushioned me from disease, balanced my mood, and provided a myriad of other benefits. Being a beautiful and healthy post-menopausal woman doesn’t happen naturally.
  • The skin is your largest organ – keep it healthy. Regular cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, and sun protection habits become more important with each advancing year. Make intelligent skincare a priority. I’m here to help!
  • Put yourself together before you leave the house. You feel better when you look good! 
  • Be nice. There is nothing more unattractive than a gossipy (oops), demanding (oops again), mean-spirited woman. You’re not perfect (neither am I), but know this: A Virtuous Woman is a woman of worth and beauty.
  • Get plenty of rest,  laugh often and have fun regularly!

See you at the new spa!