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Clear-it and Peeling Cream

Valentine’s Day and Brazilian waxing inspired February’s Monthly Product Features: Peeling Cream and Clear-It.

If you’ve never tried Brazilian, or Bikini Waxing, now is a great time. The Product Features this month are great after-care for these services to help avoid those pesky bumps and ingrown hairs.

I use the same Berodin French Depilatory Wax for sensitive body parts that I use for brows. If you’ve had a bad experience using strip wax, you’ll be amazed at the difference. Check out the YouTube testimonial a client did for body waxing at Star Brows.

The special this month, Peeling Cream by Tu’el, is a great exfoliant for the face, as well.  It contains Lactic Acid (an alpha hydroxy acid or AHA), so it doesn’t just clear surface debris but goes gently and deeply into the cell wall to exfoliate.

It also contains Tea Tree and Lemon Grass Oils to disinfect naturally, as well as Chamomile Extract to calm and sooth.

Clear-it by Tu’el is a non-drying blemish control cream that helps keep hair follicles healthy after shaving or waxing. The active ingredient is Colloidal Sulphur. It also contains Allantoin for calming and soothing and Lemon Oil for disinfecting.

See you at the spa!

Tu’el Clear-It

Clear-It is a quick acting, non-drying blemish control lotion with colloidal milled sulfur for acne, occasional breakouts or reactions from waxing. It dissolves and dries blemishes without damaging healthy skin like many acne products do.

This product is a “2fer” – good for those pesky waxing bumps as well as breakouts.

Acne conditions seem to adjust to treatment protocols, rendering them powerless for a brief course of time. The bacteria responsible for puss type zits (excuse the language) is called propionibacterium acnes. It spreads easily to infect surrounding tissue and adapts just as easily to acne creams, making acne hard to control.

I’ll bet if you have acne you’ve never tried a product with sulfur in it, it is very effective.

While we’re talking, let me introduce you to Lori Nestore aka “The Wax Queen” , she is the owner of Tu’el Skin And Body Care. She teaches skincare professionals all over the country about waxing, and Clear-It is her product. Her products are straight forward, well formulated, priced affordably (Clear-It 2 oz. $40) and they work!

That’s why Tu’el is fast becoming my most popular skincare line ever!

What’s in it? Deionized Water, Allantoin, Colloidal Sulfur, Isopropyl Alcohol, Lemon Oil, Carbomer, Triethanolamine.

See you at the spa!