Eyebrow Waxing & Design
Star Brows’ unique brand of eyebrow couture was modeled after the work of plastic surgeons performing eye and brow lifts. This technique takes into consideration each person’s unique facial features and symmetry.

The eyebrows are undoubtedly the single most important element of any makeover. Great eyebrow waxing and styling require patience and an artist’s eye.

You will be treated to an extraordinary and exclusive spa-experience every time, complete with relaxing music, essential oils and Spa Finishing & Touch up.




Ultimate Brow Experience Package
Indulge and relax at the spa with our Ultimate Brow Experience Package which includes: Signature Brow Design, Star Massage, Face Part Wax or Specialty Mask, and Spa Finishing & Touch-up.
70 minutes – $80

Star Brows Package
With this premium design service combo you will enjoy the following:Signature Brow Design, Face Part Wax or Mask, and Spa Finishing & Touch-up.
50 minutes – $60

Signature Brow Design
This Star Brows’ classic 40 minute Brow Service includes: Consultation, Design, Coaching, and Spa Finishing & Touch-up. First time guests and also our regular clients after 6 weeks regrowth.
40 minutes – $42

Loyalty Brows
We value our Regulars who visit on or before 6 weeks re-growth. Includes:Consultation, Design, Coaching, Spa Finishing & Touch-up.
40 minutes – $36

Full Face Wax
Brows, nostrils, or ears not included
40 minutes – $50

Upgrade your experience by adding any of the following Enhancements to our list of services. They are only available as enhancements to full-priced Facial and Waxing services.

~ Facial/Part Body ~

Chin, Lip, Ears, Toes, Nostrils
10 minutes – $18 each

~ Star Massage ~

A facial, neck & scalp treatment using aesthetic and massage techniques. Clears sinuses, reduces puffiness, and brightens skin-tone. It is customized to each individual skin type to relieve swelling, waste in the tissues and holding patterns that create tension and lines on the face.
20 minutes – $24

~ Spa Finishing & Touch-up ~

This signature service includes: Essential Oils and hydrators, cooling Jade Roller, primer, SPF and Mineral Makeup for all your Waxing and Facial treatments.
10 minutes – $18