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Star Brow: Cara Delivingne

Cara DelivingneVogue rates her #17 of 50 top models. Cara Delivingne is also featured on the Style and Culture Facebook page (worth looking at).

Love her long, flat, close to the eye, brow-look. Want it? Use Brow Boost if you are re-growth-challenged, tint them every 3 weeks, and use Brow Gel (both by Billion Dollar Brows) to get the fly-away, natural style.

See you at the spa!

xoxo Brow Boss


Star Brow of the Week – Lily Collins


Actress Lily Jane Collins is 23, was born in Guildford, England, and is the daughter of  musician Phil Collins. I recently saw her in Mirror Mirror with Julia Roberts (which I’d give three  stars).

Lily’s brows, as seen in the movie, were a real distraction for me. I can’t imagine why they’d draw so much attention to one feature and create such a big, dark, bold brow with the natural, youthful makeup she wore.

Oh well, her brows are simply gorgeous here with the perfect makeup and dress. Notice how the head (fan) of the brow is more mid-line than the traditional brow placement above the tear duct? Nice and full, well shaped, but not overdone.

See you at the spa!

Star Brow – Vanessa Hudgen

Star Brow of the Week is Vanessa Hudgen, and not just because she wears Heather Gardner ALL the time!

Her eyebrows are perfection. Notice the fan at the head of the brow? It’s soft, irregular, and gauzy. The color, just a hint lighter than her hair. The arch a long, gradual taper.

This look is dreamy, natural, and very boho-chic.

Love to see you at the spa Vanessa!


Star Brow of the Week – Emma Watson

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is our Star Brow of the Week! She is Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter films. Fabulous, and born in France. How Do French Women Stay So Beautiful?

She makes a great New Year’s Star Brow winner with her flawless skin, red lips and perfect brows.

I love pale (inhabit Twilight), flawless skin, and I’m all about teaching you how to get it. But you can still be tan. (Check out my daughter’s favorite tanner.)

And red lips? Youngblood’s Truly Red Lip Pencil is gorgeous.

Now, what about these perfect eyebrows? Her pic on the cover of Vogue shows she’s no fashion dummy. Ah-hem, no improvements needed. However, I would love to be the one to maintain them!

See you at the spa, Emma!

Adele – Star Brow of the Week

Adele is amazing! I just burned a new CD for the spa that features her. Have you heard her song  Someone Like You? Taylor Swift beat her out for Artist of the Year at the AMA…really?

But she, and not Taylor, is the Star Brow of the Week. 🙂 I love her creamy skin, her facial contouring makeup looks really pretty, too.

Although her brows are not perfect – a bit short and same width-y – they are pretty in auburn, and her eyes dazzle.

How would I transform her brows?

1. I would have her use Brow Boost to grow them in.

2. She needs more length at the head and tail to support her huge eyes.

3. More fullness in the brow itself would work better for her.

4. Although I like the contouring above the eye crease, it doesn’t quite make up for the fact that her arch is too high. I’d work that down over time.

5. The brow on the right is higher so as we are lowering both brows we’d be more aggressive with to-line waxing/tweezing that one.

6. When the head of the brow (by the nose)  grows in I’d make it a little gauzy and messy so it makes the brow look more bohemian/earthy and less “perfect”.

You go, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins!  And if you’re reading this Adele, I’d love to see you, call me. 805-722-8222

See you at the spa!

Star Brows of the Week – Agyness Deyn

British supermodel Agyness Deyn is my pick for Star Brows of the Week.  Obviously I like bleached hair and dark brows.  Agyness, born Laura Hollins, is very unmodel-y and a little rebel-looking. The look feels liberated, with a sense of the “healthy masculine.”

My husband gave me a card for our 33rd anniversary the other day that read, “From the one who wears the pants in the family, to the one who tells him which ones to wear.” 😀

Ms. Deyn’s brows are very flat, the arch is way outside the rim of the iris, and the thickness is the same throughout the body of the brow.  So what? Her brows are much darker than her hair, as well, so she appears to be breaking all the rules, right?

Here’s the deal: You cannot design everyone’s brows with a cookie-cutter method. That’s why when people ask me about “Threading,” I tell them that more important than how you remove the hair is the designer’s skill at interpreting the best look for you.

Our Star Brows feature this week has got a distinctive look that works. She has taken into consideration her “brand” as a model. She’s not just trying to have “the perfect brows.” Look at all the light around her eyes (probably a white pencil), the pale lip, the cheek contouring, and the way her hair draws attention to the center of her face.

See you at the spa!

Star Brows of the Week – Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts, daughter of Eric and niece of Julia, is my pic for Star Brow this week.

Blond brows are so pretty, and I love the natural, rather flat shape her brow has. Sometimes the standard arch, so commonly requested, just doesn’t work.  I like to bring out each individual’s natural brow shape, and work with it rather than forcing a certain shape onto it.

Emma’s lashes are, of course, the statement here. Get the best lashes ever with Mineral Lash Prime and Outrageous Lashes Mineral Lengthening Mascara.

Her lashes are most likely enhanced by eyelash extensions. I’ve considered offering those again, but they are so tedious and expensive to keep up. You have to do “fills,” like with acrylic nails, when your natural lash sheds noticeably. Each extension is glued to each natural lash. A full set takes at least 90 minutes to apply. Anyone doing them in less time may be applying lash clusters, which just don’t last. When a clump falls off, there is a big gap, versus losing one random lash at a time.

See you at the spa!

Star Brows of the Week – Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara showed up at the Emmy Awards 2011 looking amazing. This was my favorite look over-all.  (Girl’s got some curves.) Sometimes Sofia gets a little boobalicious, but this was tastefully elegant.

The Lorraine Schwartz earrings she wore had more than 100 carats of emeralds and 60 carats of diamonds, worth more than $900,000. Hmmm, green earings? Although I do have to give her credit for tying them in with the same designer’s  emerald pinky ring, and the Ofira golden cuff…love.

But, I digress. Let’s talk about her amazing eyebrows. Notice how they really swoop in at the bridge of the nose? Yes, one is lower, but remember “sisters, not twins”? They’re pencil/powdered in and very soft and feathery-feeling and a shade or two lighter than her root color.

The understated brow lets her eyes take center stage (not always true), but when putting together a glamorous look you need to play with drama selectively. The earrings were so bold, they took center stage (face-wise) – behind those gorgeous brown eyes, of course.

From now through the holidays, we’re playing with Youngblood Mineral eye-makeup at Star Brows. 😉 Try a Makeup Lesson to learn “the smokey eye” or a new look with the fresh, new palettes just in.

See you at the Spa!


Star Brow of the Week – Camilla Belle

Photo Courtesy

Camilla Belle is my pick for Star Brow of the Week. Notice how the beginning of the brow draws your eye down her nose, not under her eye as a tear duct brow-alignment would? Her right brow has a stronger brow bone under it (remember, sisters not twins) hence the asymetry. The tail of her left brow is a little challenged, but that’s fine, I don’t like brows that are too perfect, it looks unnatural. Her cheek and lip color are perfect, she looks fresh and beautiful.

See you at the new spa!


Star Brow of the Week

I adore fashion designer Christian Cota’s collection, but what the heck is up with his eyebrows? Yes, it’s true the eyebrows are not twins, the are sisters, as I like to say – or in Christian’s case, brothers!

He has beautiful eyes and lips, and even though I don’t see men except by referral – I would see him.

Not that countless makeup artists haven’t probably told him he needed help – he may have said what a recent client of mine said, “My brows are me.” No! Your brows aren’t you – they can change, just like your hair, clothing and makeup. Photo courtesy