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Facial Cleansing – May Product Feature


“The cleansing step is arguably the most important one in skincare. If the correct facial cleanser isn’t used you’ll be playing catch-up-baseball with the rest of your products just to restore the PH, hydration level, and lipid balance. 

For this month’s skincare Product Feature I’ve chosen three of my all-time favorite (and best selling) facial cleansers.

And remember, you’ll get 20% back in service Enhancements!” xo Linda 

Ocean Cleanser

SKIN TYPES: Normal, Dry, Combo.

An OSEA classic, Ocean Cleanser is rich in minerals, algae, dermal proteins, vitamins, and mineral salts with a delightful natural fragrance. This multi-tasking hydrating formula effectively removes dirt and impurities, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and energized. Ocean Cleanser is free of chemical surfactants and great for easy makeup removal. pH balanced.

Red Algae is extremely high in microelements, proteins, vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids to gently cleanse the skin, allowing greater permeability without depleting the protective lipid barrier. Dermal proteins and amino acids stimulate collagen production and reduce effects of photo aging.


Ocean Cleansing Mudd

SKIN TYPES: Oily, Acneic, Combo.

Ocean Cleansing Mudd effectively sweeps away impurities, clears blemishes, and controls excess sebum production. The base of this cleanser is a blend of seaweeds that are highly concentrated in minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and vitamins that serve to remove dead cells and and purify clogged pores. With a hint of Tea Tree and Peppermint Oil to brighten and refresh your complexion, this unique cleanser will leave your skin feeling tingling, smooth, and invigorated.

Macrocystis, Laminaria and Fucus are mineral-rich seaweeds with trace elements that smooth and hydrate the skin. Natural fruit acids exfoliate and deliver nutrition to the pores, improving skin tone and brightness. Anti-bacterial Tea Tree Oil deeply purifies, promotes a healthy pH balance, prevents blemishes, and enhances skin’s appearance.


Ocean Cleansing Milk

SKIN TYPES: Dry, Sensitive, Rosacea.

Loaded with nature’s best skin soothers like Water Lily extract, this super gentle creamy cleanser calms redness and inflammation on contact. DPHP and organic algae increase elasticity, boost collagen production and ensure long-lasting hydration. Leaves skin looking and feeling rejuvenated with a soft glow. Fragrance-free and pH balanced.

DPHP has been shown to stimulate the synthesis of collagen fibers and inhibit free radicals, improving the appearance of wrinkles and reducing signs of aging. Organic seaweed from Patagonia replaces lost moisture and can heal sun-damaged skin. Water Lilly extract reduces redness and inflammation. Together with other minerals and extracts this cleanser deeply cleanses while hydrating and restoring.

Body Care Kit – March Product Feature


travel kit


exfoliate. tone. soften.

This month’s product feature was just launched at Eva’s Esthetics, and we ordered it right away so we could double your Rewards and make it a great time to give it a try!

Includes: 2 oz Green Clean Body Wash, 2 oz Triple Splash Body Tonic, and 2 oz Botanical Blast Body Lotion.

“The Green Clean  has been my favorite body wash for years! With pine, to heal, hydrate, and energize; bladderwrack, (sea minerals) to firm, balance, and detoxify; and glycolic acid, to exfoliate, tone, tighten, and brighten.
Triple Splash always goes on my body after I shower or bathe. It’s like a drink of water for your skin. “The Hydrate” for the body. It contains sodium hyaluronate which deeply moisturizes, eucalyptus for congestion, with an antiseptic action, as well as hydrolyzed proteins to firm, nourish, and tone.
Botanical Blast is new to Star Brows. It boasts 15 cold-pressed plant extracts, is essential oil – rich and packed with vitamins to heal and nourish the skin. It gets 5 stars from me!”
See you at the spa!
xo Linda “Brow Boss” Ruberto



Holiday Makeup at Star Brows – December Product Feature 2014


I can’t wait to help you with the perfect look and makeup for all of those holiday parties you’ll be going to!! This month’s Product Feature is Holiday Makeup items.

And remember, when you shop at Star Brows you get Rewards toward Spa Services! Happy Spa-La-Days! xoxo Brow Boss

Luxe Luminous Cream Blush, Sunglow Mineral Foundation, Spicey and Vixen Lipstick, Truley Red and Pinot Lip Pencil, Guava and Siren Lipgloss, and any shimmery Mineral Eyeshadow.


Triple Splash & Botanical Blast – Product Feature October 2014


Now is a great time to start restoring your skin from fun in the sun, and prepare it for a long, dry, winter.

Your body needs hydration as much as your face does. Triple Splash is a unique liquid that uses Sodium Hyaluronate to provide superior hydration and lock in moisture. Eucalyptus Oil and Hydrolyzed Protein Solution are added to help tone, firm, and strengthen. Increase the effectiveness of any lotion to improve your skin’s overall health and appearance.

Botanical Blast is an ultra-rich body lotion that provides maximum moisture and leaves your skin feeling soft, nourished, and conditioned. A unique infused botanical water with 15 cold-pressed plant extracts, natural emollients, vitamins, and pure essential oils instantly improves, protects, and prevents dryness. Refresh your body and energize your mind with this one-of-a-kind antioxidant-rich lotion.

And look who made an appearance in October’s issue of DERMASCOPE Magazine — our popular Botanical Blast Ultra Rich Body Lotion.


If you’re new to Star Brows, you may not know about The Product Feature or Rewards yet. To put it simply, 10% of all your product purchases, all the time, go toward free Service Enhancements, like Raindrop Therapy, Lash Tint, Chemical Peels, or Star Massage.

When a product is the Monthly Feature, however, you’ll get 20% back in Rewards!

See you at the spa!

Product Feature May 2014 – Cleansing Oils

tuelTu’el Cleansing Oil and Herbal Toner  is one of our favorite ways to cleanse the skin in the evening. It is like having an at-home  spa experience every night. This innovative two-step cleansing system features natural elements like fresh-smelling mandarin oil, calming chamomile extract, healing extracts of arnica, and purifying grapefruit extract. You can experience it all in the Mother’s Day Special Offer this month!

Nothing cleans the skin like hydrophilic oil, even acne-prone and oily skin! These cleansing oils, specially formulated for each skin-type, balance your skin and prepare it for exfoliation, hydration, absorption of nutrients, and protection.

As skin cells die, they lose moisture, flatten, and migrate to the skin’s surface. The face excretes a very sticky substance known as sebum that bonds to dead skin cells. In order for these cells to be released, this oily sebum must be dissolved.

When hydrophilic oil is massaged into the skin, it bonds with the sebum and releases the dead cells. This release of the dead layer of skin achieves exceptional pore cleansing and decongestion and a more refined skin appearance. Adding the correct Herbal Toner, a sugar-based extract with essential oils, creates a custom cleansing system. This unique method balances the skin and eliminates the need for astringents.

There are four custom formulations of Cleansing Oils and five Herbal Toners in this cleansing system lineup to ensure that, regardless of your skin type – dry, combination, oily, impure, or reactive. Your skin will feel the profound difference of cleansing with this innovative cleansing method.

If you’re new to Star Brows, you may not know about The Product Feature or Rewards yet. To put it simply, 10% of all your product purchases, all the time, go toward free Service Enhancements, like Raindrop Therapy, Lash Tint, Chemical Peels, or Star Massage.

When a product is the Monthly Feature, however, you’ll get 20% back in Rewards!

See you at the spa!

Special Offers & Tips April 2014 – Star Brows Grover Beach

So many amazing projects going on at Star Brows! Here’s an update:

spa picOnline Booking

Would you like to manage your appointments online 24/7? We’re rolling out Vagaro, an online booking system, and there’s a mobile app if you’d like to download it! We’re still building our profile, but we hope to have it ready and fully functional for you by the end of April. 🙂

baby bump

April Product Feature

Our beloved Heather Gardner is having her second child soon! In honor of baby and mom we are offering Double Rewards on our collection of her jewelry line (20% back toward an Enhancement!)

Check out her whole collection at her website.







karamieNew Esthetician

I’m happy to introduce our new staff member and Licensed Esthetician, Karamie Krunbholz. We were so lucky to find such a bright new talent! She gives a wonderful facial, is learning all about our company and services, and is quickly becoming a proficient Lash Artist.


We recently said goodbye to Esthetician Kelli June, she moved to San Jose. We wish her all the best and thank her for her amazing contribution to Star Brows! We know she’ll be back often. She’ll need her brows done, 🙂 and she has an amazing family here.


Sneak Peek

Easter week, April 14-19, we’ll be offering a complimentary foot (or scalp) massage with every spa service! #spatraditions #weloveourclients #happyeaster #specialoffer

See you at the spa!


Linda “Brow Boss” Ruberto & Co

January/February 2014 Product Feature

sodium-hyaluronateHi, it’s Kelli! I’m not usually a New Year’s resolutionist, but as my schedule and life in general get busier and busier I have developed a new appreciation for simplicity and have vowed to make 2014 as easy as possible.

How does this apply to skincare? If you’re like me, you want gorgeous skin but don’t want a million steps, or a big routine. So the Product Feature(s) this month contain  a special ingredient the Brow Boss has relied on for years and recommends to every one of her clients. It’s called sodium hyaluronate or hyaluronic acid (HA). It’s an ingredient that  I have listened to her explain the benefits of many times and have grown very fond of myself, having seen amazing outcomes first-hand.

So keeping it simple – add a product with HA to your AM/PM routine. We can recommend the one that will fit into your current routine seamlessly. And this month you’ll get double Rewards!

The Science Part

Linda explains: “This powerful ingredient (HA) has the ability to hold on to moisture in the skin (over 1,000 times its weight). We know moisturized, hydrated skin looks and feels more youthful. HA is actually found in the skin’s cell wall naturally and functions to repair, protect, and boost elasticity and firmness in the skin. It is actually a part of the skin’s connective tissue.

“Think of Sodium Hyaluronte like those Sham Wow towels you see on late night infomercials – it’s able to soak up tons of excess water and magically trap it inside. By topically adding sodium hyaluronate you are able to transform the dermis layer of your skin into a super-sponge for your face.

“You see, as we age UV radiation and other skin stressors like dis-ease (in body or mind) causes the skin to lose elastin and collagen (the breakdown of HA), which in turn increases interstitial (cell-wall) water loss. Hence the skin ceases to be a good barrier (keeper inner/keeper outer).”

As an added bonus, when HA is paired with OSEA’s Undaria Algae, the enzymes that break down collagen and elastin are blocked and HA becomes even more beneficial.

I’ve already enjoyed how easy and beneficial adding  products with HA to my skincare routine has been, and how successful my new year’s resolution has started off!

Here is a full list of the products we carry in the spa that contain HA:

Tu’el: Hydrate, Absorb, Eye Impact, Triple Splash BodyTonic, C Power, Daily Protect Oil Free SPF

OSEA: White, Red, & Black Algae Masks, Brightening Serum, Gigartina Beauty Bath

See you at the spa!

Botanical Serums: November Product Feature 2013

boostFight the dryness that comes with season changes and earn double Rewards for the month of November!

Serums from Tu’el and OSEA Skincare companies are packed with essential oils, plant extracts, antioxidants, and vitamins. They are an AM and PM skincare must for every skin type!

Tu’el offers Antioxidant Power Blends for Dry, Combo/Oily, Reactive, Aging, and Acne Skin. $32

These antioxidant essential oil blends are pure plant extracts and nothing else. It’s the power of Mother Nature packed into a tiny bottle delivering concentrated vitamins and nutrients directly to your skin. Get ready to experience botanicals on a mission!


Remember: We have both oil and water in our skin cells, so everyone needs help with skin hydration. Even oily, acne-prone skin. Actually, possibly more so because this unbalanced skin condition is more challenged. Oily skin may be dumping extra oil because it is water-dry, and active lesions (zits) are skin wounds which compromise the skin’s barrier integrity, thus facilitating dehydration.


brightOSEA‘s lineup includes

  • Brightening Serum: A blend of natural ingredients that reduces hyper-pigmentation and revives sun damaged skin. $56
  • Essential Corrective Complex: A pure blend of essential oils that create a disinfecting, absorbent treatment to rapidly heal blemishes. $14/$28
  • Essential Hydrating Oil: A 30% blend of pure essential oils that provides deep hydration, working to reduce the appearance of fine lines. $14/$28
  • Undaria Argan Oil: A unique blend of Argan Oil infused with the healing properties of USDA Certified Organic Undaria Algae that’s perfect for sensitive skin. $28


“I’ve been using essential oils in my spas and at home for over 30 years – with amazing success! Kelli and I use them in every treatment we offer. If you’ve been to the spa, you have experienced their magical powers and amazing, transformative aromas. If you use them at home already, you know they are a holistic approach, not only to skincare, but to general health and wellness.” bb

If you’re new to Star Brows, you may not know about the Product Feature or Rewards yet. To put it simply, 10% of all your product purchases, all the time, go toward free Service Enhancements, like Raindrop Therapy, Lash Tint, Chemical Peels, or Star Massage.

When a product is the Monthly Feature, like the OSEA and Tu’el Serums this month, you’ll get 20% back in Rewards.

*Prices quoted are not guaranteed after this offer expires.

See you at the spa!

Linda “Brow Boss” Ruberto & Skincare Specialist Kelli June

Heather Gardner Jewelry – October Product Feature 2013

heather trunkWe’re featuring 10% off the Star Brows Heather Gardner collection this month so you can shine even brighter at all those holiday parties you’ve got on your calendar!

Each piece of HG jewelry is handcrafted and is best known for its versatility and simple elegance. It isn’t hard to find the perfect piece for any occasion with five different collections to choose from:

Bridal Collection: Full of sparkle

Bohemian Collection: Heavily influenced by exotic styles and trends

Bold Collection: Centered around making a statement with one big, eye-catching piece

Crystal Collection: Pieces can be worn alone for a more subtle look or with other pieces as an enhancement

Elegance Collection: Unique and extraordinary “earthy-glam” pieces

Every piece of Heather Gardner’s jewelry is inspired by her love of nature and an interest in enhancing the natural beauty of the individual wearing it.

One of our favorite things to do after an eyebrow design service or makeup application is to have our clients try on a piece of HG Jewelry. We’ve been known to sneak a few pictures too! We think having a complementary necklace or pair of earrings sends our clients over the edge into fabulous-town.

For the month of October we are offering a raffle ticket to win a HG bracelet at our Coastal Glam event, just for trying a piece on! Be warned, though: Trying on Heather Gardner Jewelry can be slightly addicting. 🙂

See you at the Spa!

Linda and Kelli

Organic Gigartina Algae & Beauty Bath Kit: Product Feature August 2013

Hi! It’s Kelli, bringing you this month’s Product Feature: Gigartina Beauty Bath (large size pictured here) Kelli June, Skincare Specialistis a soothing therapeutic soak to soften the skin, relax the body, and ease the mind. It is paired with certified USDA organic and hand harvested seaweed to make this month’s special offer!

gigartinaWhy do we love OSEA’s Gigartina Algae and Beauty Bath Kit?

  • OSEA’s algae is cultivated in one of the purest parts of our ocean: the waters off the coast of Patagonia. The current that moves the sea water through this area helps create some of the most nutrient-rich algae on our planet. The outcome is an extremely hydrating and healing organic seaweed that stimulates cell regeneration.
  • The second reason is because OSEA’s ultra soothing and therapeutic Beauty Bath mixture helps soften the skin, relax the body, and ease the mind. When combined with the Gigartina Algae, the mix serves up a little slice of heavenly bliss.
  • For those lucky enough to have a bath, I highly recommend setting aside some time for yourself to enjoy a long soak. If you’re like me and don’t have a bath, create a steamy foot soak or a sea foam envelopment! Take a capful of the powder and mix it in a jar with hot water and then rub on your body with the Gigartina Seaweed.
  • You can also do a hair and scalp treatment overnight with the sea foam and/or seaweed gel.
Give back to your skin while racking up double Rewards this August. Your skin will look and feel better than it did at the beginning of summer! Available now at Star Brows.
See you at the spa!