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Makeover Winner at the Spa Today!

The Brow Boss
The Brow Boss

Skincare Specialist Kelli June and I team up with Nick from Pink Diamond Artistry to do a makeover today!

We’ll honor our Women’s History Month Makeover Winner Judy Boen from Captive Hearts with a visit to the spa for a facial, hair and makeup. She’s our business neighbor here in Grover Beach!  We can’t wait to meet her,  see her outfit from Collections Rack, and work our magic with her.

KSBY will be here today too. 🙂

See you at the Spa!

xoxo Linda

International Women’s Day Makeover Contest 2013

MakeoverWe are celebrating International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month this March. We’ve had our community nominate local women who are role models and an inspiration to others.

Meet our winner Judy Boen! Founder of Captive Hearts in Grover Beach, ordained chaplain  for the San Luis Obispo County Women’s Jail and Sheriff’s Department. Thanks go to Debra Jackson from Village Papery & Gifts for sharing her story.

KSBY will be joining us to bring her story to you later in March! Star Brows,  Pink Diamond Artistry, and Collections Rack will be doing the makeover, we can’t wait to honor Judy and her service to our community!

I was honored as Citizen of the Year for Grover Beach for 2012, what an honor to represent our community. I also operate three residential recovery homes for women who are recovering from the effects of drugs and alcohol.  They live in our homes from six months to a year as they progress in their healing.  Administrative offices are at 892 West Grand Ave. in Grover Beach. “My desire is meeting up to the motto, “Helping to Heal Hurting Humanity”. Chaplain Judy

Judy is an ordained chaplain and a former chaplain for Mabel Bassett Correctional Center, the state prison for women previously located in Oklahoma City in both general population and on death row. She has also served as a chaplain at the Bakersfield Rehabilitation Hospital. For five years, she was Director of Counseling and Client Services for the Bakersfield Crisis Pregnancy Center and has counseled both clients and families. She has also completed a two-year in-depth training course for inner healing through Church On The Way in Van Nuys, California.

Judy has served as chaplain for the San Luis Obispo County Women’s Jail and Sheriff’s Department in Central California since 2000.  She was awarded a Citizen Academy Certificate of Completion through the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department.  She is often a guest speaker at community club gatherings, women’s meetings, retreats and co-teaches “Unmasked–a Face of Grace,” a course she co-authored.

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors recognized Judy in 2006 for receiving the Commission on the Status of Women, “Service to Women” Award.  This prestigious award is presented annually to a woman who shows outstanding service to the community.   She also was awarded the ”Soroptimist Ruby Award: For Women Helping Women” from the Soroptimist Club both locally and regionally in 2010 as an outstanding community leader.  This award honors women who are making extraordinary differences in the lives of other women.” Captive Hearts website.










International Women’s Day Makeover: 2013

International Women's DayNote: Nominations are closed. Watch for our winner’s story coming soon!

We are celebrating our 2nd annual Women’s History Month (March) and International Women’s Day (March 8th) with a Makeover Contest! Check out last year’s winner, Gail Case’s story here.

Do you know a woman who personifies the attributes of a great American woman and role model? Would she like to be treated to a beauty makeover?

It’s simple to enter: Just send us an email at or click on this link and tell us her story.

Linda and Kelli, from Star Brows, will treat the lucky winner to Eyebrow Couture, a Luxurious Facial, and a complete Makeup Session.

Nick, from Pink Diamond Artistry, will style our winner’s hair, and Collections Rack will provide an outfit! She’ll be ready for a night out!

Join us, check out nominees, and watch for updates here!

See you at the spa!

A Real Winner!

I had the immense pleasure of treating one very special woman to Eyebrow Couture, a Facial,  and a Makeover yesterday in honor of Women’s History Month.

My new friend Sarah Crosby, from Grateful Threads, joined in to treat our winner like a queen by providing an outfit. (The picture on the left was taken before she headed down the street to Sarah.)

We had a simple mission: to honor a local woman who personifies the struggles and triumphs of the everyday woman, an idea best expressed in a quote from Gail: “It’s a great life if you just don’t weaken.”

In the photo are our winner, Gail Case (middle), and the woman who nominated her, Robin Patchett (right). Gail bought Robin her first Bible and was a second mom to her. Her story is one of faith and courage with an extra dose of humor.

Gail came to the Central Coast with Robin’s mom Lucy, her best friend, in 1974. The girls were real pioneers, striking out with no car, job, or place to live. But Gail’s  life dramatically changed when she embraced her faith.

She had a son who was 12 when she moved here. He then had three boys that grandma Gail helped raise.  Having mainly worked as a bookkeeper and in the medical field, Gail was also active in her church and taught Sunday School. She and Robin eventually drifted apart but were reunited at church years later when Gail was in the choir with Robin’s former mother-in-law. Clearly Robin and Gail were meant to be friends for life.

One year after her friend (Robin’s mom) Lucy tragically died of lung cancer, Gail was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy.  She retired in 2006 with numerous health challenges related to the chemotherapy but is thankful that she has been cancer free for 5-1/2 years now!

Gail loves to read, watch old movies, and write. She belongs to a writing group in SLO and enjoys watching her son and grandsons play softball. And get this! They play on my son-in-law Jonathan’s team. (Mayberry much?) Gail also loves jewelry and has 35 boxes full!

Gail and I had so much fun working together. She is truly a woman of style and grace.  Though she’s had a pretty tough life from the get-go, Gail Case is a brave survivor and a real inspiration to all.

See you at the spa!



Massage at Star Brows


I do massage, and I love the work, both the giving and the receiving. 🙂 I have been getting massage since I was 15. My mom used to sneak me into her health club in MN – The European Health Spa. I’d sip smoothies at the bar, lounge in the pool, bake in the steam room, nap by the pool-side, and luxuriate on the massage table.

I’ve been doing massage professionally since 1994. I started out as an employee at a clinic and moved quickly to self employment. I began hiring therapists in 2000 when I went from one treatment room to five.

I guess it’s been a big circle, as today I am a Solo Spa again and life has never been better!

My Massage/Bodywork Philosophy:

  • You need to be completely relaxed in order to enjoy a session. That’s why I use the bodyCushion™ and essential oils.
  • Customization of every service I do is essential to a great experience.  I offer Enhancements, which include deep muscle work and a treatment I developed called Star Massage: A facial, neck, and scalp treatment using aesthetic and massage techniques. Clears sinuses, reduces puffiness, and brightens skin tone. The service is customized to each individual skin type to relieve swelling, waste in the tissues, and holding patterns that create tension and lines on the face.
  • Some people want the work so deep that it is actually harmful. While I am able to work deeply into the body’s fascia, I only work as deep as the body itself allows.
  • I studied EsalenCraniosacralMyofascial Release, and Zen Shiatsu. The Shiatsu training was a private apprenticeship with an instructor over an intensive, daily, three month period. It taught me one of the most important lessons that is the hallmark of my practice: The Western therapist and client usually wants neck, shoulder and back work predominately, but the work really needs to be focused on the lower body to achieve real balance.
  • As a former professional dancer and movement educator of twenty plus years I believe that movement is the number one remedy for what ails the physical body. Analyzing how an individual moves and helping them maximize their potential and ease, has been a lifetime study.


Here’s what Star Brows clients have said:

“Linda does amazing body work. I have been to many therapists over the years and she is definitely an expert in her field. I would not hesitate to recommend her.” Steve Tullius – Chiropractor

“I received a pre-natal massage that I can still remember almost three years later” Allegra Birtcher Parreira – Workin’ Wife & Mama

“Linda takes a massage experience from the ordinary to the extraordinary! I felt instantly at ease with her the first time we met. She made me feel welcome and comfortable. She spent time asking me where my problem areas were and what concerns I had. Her spa is private, cozy, and warm. Linda’s gifts are her intuitiveness, technique, and knowledge of anatomy. She combines these beautifully and expertly!” Marilyn Rivas Tate – Photographer

See you at the spa!

Women’s History Month Makeover 2012

First African American members of the Women's Army Corps

Update: We found our winner! Thanks to Robin Patchett, Gail Wood Case has been chosen. She will be coming in today for her Makeover (4/12/12). We can’t wait to treat her, and share the results with you.

I am collaborating with a new friend and fellow Grover Beach business owner, Sarah Crosby, from Grateful Threads Fashion Exchange. We are searching to treat one deserving woman, who otherwise couldn’t – or wouldn’t – to a new head-to-toe look! The launch is on International Women’s Day 2012!

Last year (2011) we celebrated IWD at Star Brows with a rally at the Arroyo Grande Bridge. We enjoyed our speaker, Marriage and Family Therapist Kathy Bornino’s wisdom and Qigong excercise. We felt connected to women all over the world, who were also meeting in solidarity with women world-wide, at bridges in their home towns.

This year we’re expanding our celebration! March is Women’s History Month in the U.S.A. The culmination of the festivities will be selecting a Makeover Winner!

So the search is on. Do you know someone who needs a little boost? Here’s what we’re planning for the lucky winner: First we’ll do Eyebrow Couture, then a Customized Facial, and finally Special Occasion Makeup! Then we’ll walk down the street to 957 West Grand to meet up with Sarah  from Grateful Threads. She’ll be putting together the perfect outfit: clothing, shoes, and accessories, to make the look complete!

We look forward to hearing some of the stories about women from our own community, who despite hardship are trying to make their lives better and use their talents and who could use a little glamour to cheer and encourage them.

Entry Details

Step 1: Submit one paragraph to Star Brows email about a woman you know who deserves a makeover.  When sharing the woman’s story, please don’t share personal details. None of your information will be used publicly without your permission.

Step 2: You will be contacted to confirm your entry.

Step 3: On March 31st a winner will be chosen by Star Brows and Grateful Threads. If the individual you nominated wins, you will be contacted and asked to  forward her information to us so we can contact her to set up an appointment for the Makeover!

Winner Agreement Guidelines

Not on a medication which thins your skin and don’t have any other health condition that would be affected by waxing.

Available from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm  sometime between April 2nd and April 14th for an appointment of approximately four hours.

Transportation will be needed to and from the spa, and childcare (if applicable) must be provided for independently.

Photos of the makeover process and finished look will be displayed on the Web at businesses’ discretion.

We can’t wait to hear the stories and choose one very special woman to honor!

See you at the spa!