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LaVaque Professional Artist

Check this out! I’m featured as an Eyebrow Design Professional in the company of some of the best designers and Makeup Artists in the country:

Linda Ruberto is the owner of Star Brows, a solo spa on California’s Central Coast. She has been in practice since 1995. Linda has transformed the look of thousands of clients with her signature eyebrow design approach and has employed and mentored hundreds of beauty professionals.

She has published articles in some of the skincare industry’s premier magazines, and writes a beauty and wellness blog at

Her professional credentials include a Certified Massage Practitioner certification from the California Massage Therapy Council and a California State Licensed Esthetician credential. Linda is also a member of Associated Skin Care Professionals and Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.

Linda’s Philosophy:

I operate from the notion that every woman wants to be treated like a star. Every service I do includes a touch of spa luxury, and every client is a VIP.

The term Beauty Therapist best describes my professional role. Like my mentor, the fabulous late David Starr, I really need to feel and know the heart of each individual woman to bring out her beauty and create the perfect look and experience just for her.

My premier offerings, Couture Eyebrow Design and Heather Gardner jewelry, reflect my belief in luxury, haute couture, and personalized service. Once a woman’s brows are perfect, her makeup is just right, and she’s totally relaxed, slipping on a gorgeous pair of earrings or the perfect necklace helps bring out each woman’s unique beauty.

I’ve made it my personal mission to eradicate the term Anti-Aging from the industry at large. The age-biased beauty propaganda our culture espouses and directs toward women through the media needs to change. Aging is inevitable, aging women are spectacular, and really, isn’t Healthy Aging the desired outcome for us all?

“Many thanks to Juliana and Barry, LaVaque Professional’s owners, for honoring industry artists! I appreciate their receptiveness to those of us who earn our living with their fabulous tools and products. What genius to come up with tweezers that are friendly to the repetitive use issues facing industry professionals.” –Linda Ruberto

Count It All Joy!

I am asked all the time, “How’s business?” by clients as well as fellow business people. My answer? “Wonderful!” In hard economic times, when so many business owners and individuals are struggling, how could this be? Am I that special – or just trying to “put on a happy face”? Neither, really. So, what’s up?

The answer is two-fold: I’m not so special – well not more special than anyone else. 🙂 And, my business – ditto. What is true however, is that there are two very doable elements that make me successful and can make you successful too.

1. Be grateful. Eucharisto – this word contains within it three elements: Gratitude, grace, and peace. Being thankful is the single most important element essential to achieving and maintaining happiness. Are things always the way I want them? No. But one act of being thankful when things aren’t going your way, is worth many times more than countless thanks when things are. Thankfulness, then, is a choice – and not a response to your situation.

2. Bring your “best self” to everything you do. Seth Godin, a favorite author/blogger, says this about business: “The extra, bonus part of your business activities that are over-the-top for no good reason, and going out of your way to build that into your brand, make your business remarkable. And today, people are ONLY responding to remarkable.”

Are my services always remarkable? Probably not. But I do bring my best self to every single interaction. Granted, sometimes my best self is just plain not enough, or maybe no matter how good it is, some won’t count it as such. So be it. After all, I do my best work with those who truly value it, and those who don’t will find someone and someplace that gives them what they want.

I moved Star Brows last year to the wonderful town of Grover Beach. I love this town for many reasons, mostly because it is on my beloved Pacific  Ocean. For this, I am beyond grateful. This location sets the stage for a spa-setting extraordinaire. Not only can I take a break and head out for an invigorating, uplifting stroll (instead of feeling grumpy about a no-show client), but it is a free gym where I can work out and clear my head of all negativity, worry, and exhaustion and commune with my Creator and His creation.

My work is fulfilling to me:

I am honored by the people I meet and get to know.

I love the spectacular products I bring to them, like the newest in my lineup: Heather Gardner jewelry.

The services I offer are diverse and gratifying to perform. I can help create beautiful skin, give someone a new look, relax them completely, and provide a place for people to escape. Plus, I make new friends every day. Who could ask for more?

In the end, although the spa business is magical, your business – or for that matter, your life – contains magic, too. The trick is to show up each day looking for it – simply noticing it in the everyday moments.

See you at the spa!


Coastal Glam at Star Brows – Save the Date!

Ladies, Valentine’s Day is coming – time to drop your hints! I’ve invited Heather Gardner to do a trunk show to launch her couture jewelry line at Star Brows!

We’ve planned a really fun evening out for you – watch us on the Star Brows or Coastal Glam Facebook pages for  free prizes and more info about the event!

Save the date now!

What? Coastal Glam – An Evening of Wine and Jewels

When? Thursday, January 26 from 6:00-9:00 pm

Where? Star Brows – 1065 West Grand Ave. Grover Beach CA

Contact? or 805-722-8222

Want to Know More About The Event?

This will be a dazzling evening of Couture at Star Brows. It will include a Silent Auction featuring a Robert Hall Wine Basket, A Star Brows Day Spa Package, and jewelry by Heather Gardner. A portion of all jewelry and Silent Auction proceeds from the evening will benefit the children in the Care Center of Addis Ababa, Ehiopia where my grandson Bronson currently lives. His parents, our daughter Valery and her husband Jonathan, will be helping host the evening.

As an added bonus, we’ll be serving Robert Hall wines and yummy appetizers prepared by our talented chef-in-residence, my husband Paul. And BTW, Heather Gardner is Jonathan’s sister!(Truly nepotism at its finest!)

About Heather Gardner Malibu

Artist/owner Heather Gardner, whose jewelry is worn by A-List celebrities, will be there to help launch her collection at Star Brows. Her jewelry line blends nature’s beauty with modern trend-setting style.

As a global traveler and outdoor adventurer, Heather seeks to capture the essence of the world’s beauty in her designs as well as the essence of earth, femininity, and fashion. The color palette of the minerals, gemstones, and crystal selected reflects the colors she has discovered in the places that inspire her most.

I’ve been wearing – and loving – Heather’s jewelry for years. So, featuring the Heather Gardner line at the spa is a dream come true!

We’ve sent evites to our current clients. Remember to check out the Star Brows Facebook and Coastal Glam Event page, and share with your friends. Together we can make the evening a great success!

Please RSVP to let us know if you’ll be attending. Hope you can make it!

See you at the spa!