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Billion Dollar Brows – Product Feature – September


As you know, we love bdb at Star Brows, this “brows only” company was the inspiration for Star Brows when we first moved to Cali!

During September all Billion Dollar Brows’ products will be on double Rewards with 20% back to YOU in service.

Choose from:

Brow Boost: I use this at least 4 times a week, and it really works to keep the brows as thick and full as possible.

Brow Gel: Make-up the perfect brow and then set it so it stays all day! I wouldn’t go without it it – ever.

Universal Brow Pencil: I can use this color for almost all the brows I do. It has a tone that works with almost all hair colors.

These days I also carry Youngblood’s Brow Pencils (they’re new), but before that UBP was it!

Brow Brush: A brow brush is mandatory for applying  Brow Powder and the spoolie on the other end is used for pencil too.

Brow Powder: Great colors, especially Taupe. Also comes in Blond, Brown, and Raven (a nice ashy-dark color).

See you at the spa!

xo Linda “Brow Boss”

Brow B.F.F. Kit January Product Feature 2012

This darling Makeup Bag is yours FREE in January when you purchase any three Billion Dollar Brows Products! And, when you can double your Rewards points, you’re really getting a great deal.

Brow Boost is my biggest seller, I use it, and it really works to grow stubborn brows. It also helps you keep the brows you have! $20

Brow Duo Highlighter is awesome to carry in your purse (in this little bag!). I use it for touch-ups with the concealer end throughout the day. Using the highlighter end can transform your makeup quickly from day to evening: Apply to the inner corners of your eyes, the “cupid’s bow” of your lip, the high-point of your brow arch, or make your eyes  look bigger and clearer by putting highlighter on the tear-line. This big, fat,  2 in 1 pencil contains jojoba seed oil so it’s good for your skin too. $18

The Brow Gel is a must-have for setting perfect brows as well as holding the color you’ve applied, and the chamomile flower extract conditions. $15

Since Trucco went out of business, taking with it my beloved Hi-Brow Trio (which, by the way, if you bought it, you’ll be glad you did because now it’s on ebay for $133!) I’ve had to find eyebrow colors I like as well to replace it. And I’d say BDB Brow Powder in Blond, Taupe, Light Brown and Raven (new), do a great job. Using two or three of these versatile colors make a great shadow collection as well: Use Blond as your all-over base, Light Brown to begin to contour (I’ll teach you to do this next time your in), and finish with Taupe, or for more drama – Raven. $16

The Universal Brow Pencil is pretty versatile because it matches most eyebrow colors. Pencils are great for those with sparse brows. I like to use pencil first to define and make my Powder “stick”. $15

And finally the Brow Brush, a two-in-one tool with an angle brush for applying brow powder on one end and a spoolie on the other for softening the effect. You don’t know how much flaking I see on the skin under the average brow. Use the spoolie to soften and provide a bit of exfoliation after pencil, powder, and even gel. $15

What are Rewards?

If you’re new to Star Brows, you may not know about The Monthly Product Feature or Rewards yet. To put it simply, 10% of all your product purchases, all the time, go toward free Service Enhancements like Raindrop Therapy, Lash Tint, Chemical Peels, or Star Massage.

When a product is the Monthly Feature, however, you’ll get 20% back in Rewards. This month’s featured product: Pick 3 BDB Products with FREE Makeup Bag ($8 value). Depending on which products you choose, you’ll get at least $9 in rewards, and up to $12.

See you at the spa!