Great Waxing Starts with Great Wax

waxWe love our wax at Star Brows! I (Brow Boss) shop for the very best wax money can buy – with YOU in mind.

Our new friend, Aquamarine, joins our wax lineup. If you’ve seen us, you already know and love our French depilatory blue hard wax.

Why our wax is best

  • Dries fast so it’s more efficient
  • Goes on and comes off so easily that you leave feeling cleaner
  • Provides gentle results because the wax sticks to the hair – not to the skin, like some waxes
  • Formulated with revolutionary patented polymers for flexibility and strength
  • Imported from Europe and developed by renowned inventor Christian des Garets
  • Performs just above skin-temperature, so you’ll never be burned
  • Less sticky than most waxes
  • Formulations include soothing azulene essential oil

blue waxCall us today for your brow, face, or body waxing service!

xo Linda & Kelli