Botanical Serums: November Product Feature 2013

boostFight the dryness that comes with season changes and earn double Rewards for the month of November!

Serums from Tu’el and OSEA Skincare companies are packed with essential oils, plant extracts, antioxidants, and vitamins. They are an AM and PM skincare must for every skin type!

Tu’el offers Antioxidant Power Blends for Dry, Combo/Oily, Reactive, Aging, and Acne Skin. $32

These antioxidant essential oil blends are pure plant extracts and nothing else. It’s the power of Mother Nature packed into a tiny bottle delivering concentrated vitamins and nutrients directly to your skin. Get ready to experience botanicals on a mission!


Remember: We have both oil and water in our skin cells, so everyone needs help with skin hydration. Even oily, acne-prone skin. Actually, possibly more so because this unbalanced skin condition is more challenged. Oily skin may be dumping extra oil because it is water-dry, and active lesions (zits) are skin wounds which compromise the skin’s barrier integrity, thus facilitating dehydration.


brightOSEA‘s lineup includes

  • Brightening Serum: A blend of natural ingredients that reduces hyper-pigmentation and revives sun damaged skin. $56
  • Essential Corrective Complex: A pure blend of essential oils that create a disinfecting, absorbent treatment to rapidly heal blemishes. $14/$28
  • Essential Hydrating Oil: A 30% blend of pure essential oils that provides deep hydration, working to reduce the appearance of fine lines. $14/$28
  • Undaria Argan Oil: A unique blend of Argan Oil infused with the healing properties of USDA Certified Organic Undaria Algae that’s perfect for sensitive skin. $28


“I’ve been using essential oils in my spas and at home for over 30 years – with amazing success! Kelli and I use them in every treatment we offer. If you’ve been to the spa, you have experienced their magical powers and amazing, transformative aromas. If you use them at home already, you know they are a holistic approach, not only to skincare, but to general health and wellness.” bb

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See you at the spa!

Linda “Brow Boss” Ruberto & Skincare Specialist Kelli June