A Real Winner!

I had the immense pleasure of treating one very special woman to Eyebrow Couture, a Facial,  and a Makeover yesterday in honor of Women’s History Month.

My new friend Sarah Crosby, from Grateful Threads, joined in to treat our winner like a queen by providing an outfit. (The picture on the left was taken before she headed down the street to Sarah.)

We had a simple mission: to honor a local woman who personifies the struggles and triumphs of the everyday woman, an idea best expressed in a quote from Gail: “It’s a great life if you just don’t weaken.”

In the photo are our winner, Gail Case (middle), and the woman who nominated her, Robin Patchett (right). Gail bought Robin her first Bible and was a second mom to her. Her story is one of faith and courage with an extra dose of humor.

Gail came to the Central Coast with Robin’s mom Lucy, her best friend, in 1974. The girls were real pioneers, striking out with no car, job, or place to live. But Gail’s  life dramatically changed when she embraced her faith.

She had a son who was 12 when she moved here. He then had three boys that grandma Gail helped raise.  Having mainly worked as a bookkeeper and in the medical field, Gail was also active in her church and taught Sunday School. She and Robin eventually drifted apart but were reunited at church years later when Gail was in the choir with Robin’s former mother-in-law. Clearly Robin and Gail were meant to be friends for life.

One year after her friend (Robin’s mom) Lucy tragically died of lung cancer, Gail was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy.  She retired in 2006 with numerous health challenges related to the chemotherapy but is thankful that she has been cancer free for 5-1/2 years now!

Gail loves to read, watch old movies, and write. She belongs to a writing group in SLO and enjoys watching her son and grandsons play softball. And get this! They play on my son-in-law Jonathan’s team. (Mayberry much?) Gail also loves jewelry and has 35 boxes full!

Gail and I had so much fun working together. She is truly a woman of style and grace.  Though she’s had a pretty tough life from the get-go, Gail Case is a brave survivor and a real inspiration to all.

See you at the spa!