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I do massage, and I love the work, both the giving and the receiving. ūüôā I have been getting massage since I was 15. My mom used to sneak me into her health club in MN – The European Health Spa. I’d sip smoothies at the bar, lounge in the pool, bake in the steam room, nap by the pool-side, and luxuriate on the massage table.

I’ve been doing massage¬†professionally¬†since 1994. I started out as an employee at a clinic and moved quickly to self employment. I began hiring therapists in 2000 when I went from one treatment room to five.

I¬†guess¬†it’s been a big circle, as today I am a Solo Spa again and life has never been better!

My Massage/Bodywork Philosophy:

  • You need to be¬†completely¬†relaxed in order to enjoy a session. That’s why I use the bodyCushion‚ĄĘ¬†and¬†essential oils.
  • Customization of every service I do is essential to a great¬†experience. ¬†I offer Enhancements, which¬†include deep muscle work and a treatment I¬†developed¬†called Star Massage: A facial, neck, and scalp treatment using aesthetic and massage techniques. Clears sinuses, reduces puffiness, and brightens skin tone. The service is customized to each individual skin type to relieve swelling, waste in the tissues, and holding patterns that create tension and lines on the face.
  • Some people want the work so deep that it is¬†actually¬†harmful. While I am able to work deeply into the body’s¬†fascia, I only work as deep as the body itself allows.
  • I studied¬†Esalen,¬†Craniosacral,¬†Myofascial Release, and Zen Shiatsu. The Shiatsu training was a private¬†apprenticeship¬†with an instructor over an¬†intensive, daily, three month period. It taught me one of the most important lessons that is the hallmark of my practice: The Western therapist and client¬†usually¬†wants neck, shoulder and back work predominately, but the work really needs to be focused on the lower body to¬†achieve¬†real balance.
  • As a former¬†professional¬†dancer and movement educator of twenty plus years I¬†believe¬†that movement is the number one remedy for what ails the physical body.¬†Analyzing¬†how an individual moves and helping them¬†maximize¬†their potential and ease, has been a lifetime study.


Here’s what Star Brows clients have said:

‚ÄúLinda does amazing body work. I have been to many therapists over the years and she is definitely an expert in her field. I would not hesitate to recommend her.‚Ä̬†Steve¬†Tullius –¬†Chiropractor

“I received a pre-natal massage that I can still remember almost three years later”¬†Allegra Birtcher Parreira ‚Äď Workin‚Äô Wife & Mama

‚ÄúLinda takes a massage experience from the ordinary to the extraordinary! I felt instantly at ease with her the first time we met. She made me feel welcome and comfortable. She spent time asking me where my problem areas were and what concerns I had. Her spa is private, cozy, and warm. Linda‚Äôs gifts are her intuitiveness, technique, and knowledge of anatomy. She combines these beautifully and expertly!‚Ä̬†Marilyn Rivas Tate ‚ÄstPhotographer

See you at the spa!

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  1. I recently experienced a star massage and facial with Linda. It was not only wonderful and luxurious, I could feel I was in good hands. Her focus was all about me and her expertise is obvious. I plan on receiving monthly treatments.

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