Women’s History Month Makeover 2012

First African American members of the Women's Army Corps

Update: We found our winner! Thanks to Robin Patchett, Gail Wood Case has been chosen. She will be coming in today for her Makeover (4/12/12). We can’t wait to treat her, and share the results with you.

I am collaborating with a new friend and fellow Grover Beach business owner, Sarah Crosby, from Grateful Threads Fashion Exchange. We are searching to treat one deserving woman, who otherwise couldn’t – or wouldn’t – to a new head-to-toe look! The launch is on International Women’s Day 2012!

Last year (2011) we celebrated IWD at Star Brows with a rally at the Arroyo Grande Bridge. We enjoyed our speaker, Marriage and Family Therapist Kathy Bornino’s wisdom and Qigong excercise. We felt connected to women all over the world, who were also meeting in solidarity with women world-wide, at bridges in their home towns.

This year we’re expanding our celebration! March is Women’s History Month in the U.S.A. The culmination of the festivities will be selecting a Makeover Winner!

So the search is on. Do you know someone who needs a little boost? Here’s what we’re planning for the lucky winner: First we’ll do Eyebrow Couture, then a Customized Facial, and finally Special Occasion Makeup! Then we’ll walk down the street to 957 West Grand to meet up with Sarah  from Grateful Threads. She’ll be putting together the perfect outfit: clothing, shoes, and accessories, to make the look complete!

We look forward to hearing some of the stories about women from our own community, who despite hardship are trying to make their lives better and use their talents and who could use a little glamour to cheer and encourage them.

Entry Details

Step 1: Submit one paragraph to Star Brows email about a woman you know who deserves a makeover.  When sharing the woman’s story, please don’t share personal details. None of your information will be used publicly without your permission.

Step 2: You will be contacted to confirm your entry.

Step 3: On March 31st a winner will be chosen by Star Brows and Grateful Threads. If the individual you nominated wins, you will be contacted and asked to  forward her information to us so we can contact her to set up an appointment for the Makeover!

Winner Agreement Guidelines

Not on a medication which thins your skin and don’t have any other health condition that would be affected by waxing.

Available from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm  sometime between April 2nd and April 14th for an appointment of approximately four hours.

Transportation will be needed to and from the spa, and childcare (if applicable) must be provided for independently.

Photos of the makeover process and finished look will be displayed on the Web at businesses’ discretion.

We can’t wait to hear the stories and choose one very special woman to honor!

See you at the spa!