Adele – Star Brow of the Week

Adele is amazing! I just burned a new CD for the spa that features her. Have you heard her song  Someone Like You? Taylor Swift beat her out for Artist of the Year at the AMA…really?

But she, and not Taylor, is the Star Brow of the Week. 🙂 I love her creamy skin, her facial contouring makeup looks really pretty, too.

Although her brows are not perfect – a bit short and same width-y – they are pretty in auburn, and her eyes dazzle.

How would I transform her brows?

1. I would have her use Brow Boost to grow them in.

2. She needs more length at the head and tail to support her huge eyes.

3. More fullness in the brow itself would work better for her.

4. Although I like the contouring above the eye crease, it doesn’t quite make up for the fact that her arch is too high. I’d work that down over time.

5. The brow on the right is higher so as we are lowering both brows we’d be more aggressive with to-line waxing/tweezing that one.

6. When the head of the brow (by the nose)  grows in I’d make it a little gauzy and messy so it makes the brow look more bohemian/earthy and less “perfect”.

You go, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins!  And if you’re reading this Adele, I’d love to see you, call me. 805-722-8222

See you at the spa!