Star Brows of the Week – Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara showed up at the Emmy Awards 2011 looking amazing. This was my favorite look over-all.  (Girl’s got some curves.) Sometimes Sofia gets a little boobalicious, but this was tastefully elegant.

The Lorraine Schwartz earrings she wore had more than 100 carats of emeralds and 60 carats of diamonds, worth more than $900,000. Hmmm, green earings? Although I do have to give her credit for tying them in with the same designer’s  emerald pinky ring, and the Ofira golden cuff…love.

But, I digress. Let’s talk about her amazing eyebrows. Notice how they really swoop in at the bridge of the nose? Yes, one is lower, but remember “sisters, not twins”? They’re pencil/powdered in and very soft and feathery-feeling and a shade or two lighter than her root color.

The understated brow lets her eyes take center stage (not always true), but when putting together a glamorous look you need to play with drama selectively. The earrings were so bold, they took center stage (face-wise) – behind those gorgeous brown eyes, of course.

From now through the holidays, we’re playing with Youngblood Mineral eye-makeup at Star Brows. 😉 Try a Makeup Lesson to learn “the smokey eye” or a new look with the fresh, new palettes just in.

See you at the Spa!