Brow Boost – July Product Feature 2011

Over-plucked, thinning, or misshapen eyebrows? Or do you just want to keep the great brows you have?

This month’s product feature is Brow Boost for brows and lashes! Check this out:  Laura Spencer dishes about Billion Dollar Brows’ Brow Boost with Rachael Ray on YouTube.

This deep conditioning treatment is designed to help strengthen and thicken brows and lashes in 30 days – naturally.

Brow Boost is dermatologist tested, prostaglandin free, and safe for all skin types. I love it’s affordable, reasonable price too – $20.

I was recently published in the national magazine Skin Deep by Associated Skincare Professionals! The piece is in the July issue on page 24. I wrote an article called: Succeed Big By Thinking Small “How to develop your market niche.” It’s about small business marketing and included examples of a few of my favorite niche companies. Billion Dollar Brows by Natalie and Bob Plain was one of the stories I spotlighted. They in turn, gave me a discount on product – which I extend to you, by way of Star Brows’ Rewards program. 🙂

Here is the Facts about Brow Boost. Check out the full line of Billion Dollar Brows products at Star Brows!

If you’re new to Star Brows, you may not know about The Product Feature or Rewards yet. To put it simply, 10% of all your product purchases, all the time, go toward free Service Enhancements, like Raindrop Therapy, Deep Muscle Work, Lash Tint, Chemical Peels, or Star Massage.

When a product is the Monthly Feature, however, you’ll get 20% back in Rewards! This month’s feature, Brow Boost, is $20. That means $4 toward a service Enhancement!

See you soon at the new spa!


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  1. Linda, I have been perusing your site tonight, and even though I’ve already seen it a few times, I’m still so impressed. It is so clean and beautiful and you are doing such a fantastic job with your blog. I love it! I need to come see you soon!

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