More Bang for Your Beauty Buck: A Lesson from a Compassionate Vet

I’d like to tell you a tale of two veterinary clinics, because the experiences gave me some great ah-hah moments for my practice, seen through a consumer’s eyes.

We have a kitty at our house who had a near-death experience with a car, so we have been seeing veterinarians and spending boo-koo bucks. Because we have three cats and they are a priority at my house (mostly my husband’s), we normally do spend money taking care of them, using the best litter, food, etc. But the accident that caused this bout of vet visits required extra fundage.

The first vet’s office we went to was like a typical medical doctor’s office: very clinical, lots of forms to fill out, extended waiting time spent in the lobby, then on to the treatment room with a very brief visit from the doctor. The experience was somewhat cold and clinical.

Our kitty was out of sight the whole time at the first office we went to.  (Who knows what they were doing to her?) When the doctor finally came in, he appeared aloof — and, my husband thought,  condescending — and he spent maybe five minutes with us.  After some more waiting, his assistant came in and went over the “super bill” which was padded with plenty of extras.

We left feeling ripped-off. The only plus was that our kitty got some pain meds out of the deal.

So, we found another vet. The office was a little shabby, there was some waiting, but the differences were remarkable! The veterinary assistant was authentic and personable — she related to our kitty really well and to us, too. The doc was amazing — probably in his 60’s — and very casual. He spent a ton of time with us, told us funny stories, petted our kitty, brain-stormed about what could be done for her, and worked on her with us there in the room so we could comfort her and be a part of it all.

We still spent more money than we might have liked, but we felt it was totally worth it. Our cat, Lucy,  feels so much better now! I know he cared about our pet and about us and wanted to be a part of the care of our family’s kitty.

I want to be like the second vet. His name is Leon Thiessen and he is the owner of the Santa Maria Animal Hospital.

My office is nothing fancy.  Once in a while you may even have to wait a bit. But when you visit Star Brows, I hope you feel the same way I did when I went to pay my bill at the second office. Professional services are not cheap, but if you feel you’ve gotten your money’s worth — and even more — they’re worth it!

See you at the  spa!