Star Brows Rewards

I’m excited to announce a special perk for being a loyal Star Brows customer. You, after all, are the Star at Star Brows!

You’ll earn FREE services with any skincare or cosmetic product purchase, it’s called Star Brows Rewards.

Here’s how it works:

  • Make a purchase of  skincare products or cosmetics at the spa.
  • We’ll start a Star Brows Rewards punch card, and keep track of it for you.
  • For every $10 you spend you get 1 punch, which is worth $1. Spend $100 and you get $10 in Rewards
  • Redeem your Rewards for a spa service Enhancement when you come in for a regularly priced service. Service Enhancements are listed below.
  • It gets even better: The Monthly Product Feature offers double Rewards! That’s 20% of every purchase back in Rewards.

Here are the Spa Service Enhancements you can receive by redeeming your Rewards:

Waxing Enhancements – Star Massage, Face Part Wax (chin, lip, cheeks, nostrils, etc.).

Facial Enhancements – Power Pumpkin, Salicylic Acid, Retinol or Primary Alpha Peptide Resurfacer.

Massage Enhancements – Raindrop Therapy, Deep Muscle-work, Aroma Therapy/Hot Towels.

Q:  Can I redeem my Rewards for regular services?

A:  Rewards can be redeemed for Enhancements only, when receiving a regularly priced spa service.

Q:  What if I only have $2 in Rewards?

A:  Redeem as many (or as few) as you’d like — anytime!

Q:  Can I get a Massage Enhancement when I get an Eyebrow Design?

A:  Yes. Although some of the Enhancements are easy to do in conjunction with any service, some aren’t. Chemical Peels, for example, need to be done with a Facial, Raindrop Therapy with a Massage, and Lash Tint with a Facial Waxing service.

Q:  How much do Enhancements cost?

A:  $10 to $30

Q:  Will my Star Brows Rewards expire?

A:  No. Your Rewards will remain valid until used.

Our customers love this program, and we love offering you great deals and thanking you for shopping with us.

See you at the spa!