Why Star Brows Has A Killer Brand–And You Can Too!

Hey Star Browsers (shameless pun intended)! It’s Jenn again.  Linda will be back from vacation this weekend, but you’re stuck with The Style Geek for one more post.

I’ve been working with Linda for about seven months now, and in that time, I’ve seen Star Brows’ business and brand come to life.  While Linda might tell you the change is (partly) due to my help in making her “cooler,” I believe that Star Brows is so successful because Linda embodies the Star Brows’ brand.  Curious about what I mean?

Here’s my list of the top four things that Linda does to give Star Brows a killer brand–and how other business owners can do them too:

  • Linda delivers on promises. The Star Brows tagline pledges “Luxurious spa services and eyebrow couture.”  If you’ve ever gone to Linda for a massage or eyebrow shaping, you know that she creates an entire experience out of the service.  The ambiance in the salon is always right during massages; and every time she shapes my eyebrows, I  come away with a fresh face of flawless makeup. The takeaway? If you tell your customers that you provide a certain type of service–provide it! If you can’t follow through on your promises, don’t promise anything in the first place.
  • Linda gets involved. Whether it’s teaching dance classes at a local studio or participating in a woman’s networking group, Linda is involved in the community she lives and works in.  When people ask what she does for a living, she has the opportunity to tell them about Star Brows. There’s no better way to brand yourself and your company than giving back to the people who live nearby.
  • Linda is consistent. When deciding on what products to use at Star Brows or to sell to her customers, Linda does her research and only purchases quality products from companies she trusts.  If she purchases a product that isn’t worth the money, she won’t purchase it again.  This way, Star Brow’s customers know that they’re truly getting what they pay for!
  • Linda lives her brand. For those of you who know Linda personally, when have you ever seen her looking less than put together? Even after she’s done teaching a dance class, her make up still looks good and every hair is in place. (I know. I’ve seen her right after dance class.) And let’s not talk about how perfect her eyebrows are!  Studies show that a person’s appearance does affect the business-related decisions people make about them.  So naturally, Linda’s put-together appearance probably makes people more likely to schedule an appointment at Star Brows than they would if she frequently looked disheveled.

The great thing about these four factors that contribute to Star Brows successful brand is that they are not exclusive to Linda and her business.  Anyone and everyone can do these things–and a whole list of other things–to solidify your company’s overall brand presence.  What about you? What does your company’s brand look like? What things are you doing to increase brand awareness?

If you can’t answer these questions, maybe I can help you out.  Feel free to stop on by The Style Geek or shoot me an email (jenn-at-thestylegeek-dot-com) if you’ve got some questions about how to maximize your company’s brand potential.  I’m happy to see if I can help!

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  1. Thanks again for a fabulous post Jenn! Star Brows would not be the same without you.

    You’ve shared passion, contagious energy, authenticity, and the most important element in ALL you say and do…Love <3

    Have you been to The Style Geek readers? You MUST check it out!

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