What Is A Gremlin?

I am in the process of writing a 3 part post that explains a process I’ve been  using for years called “Taming Your Gremlin”. It is from a book of the same name by Rick  Carlson.

His definition of a gremlin: “A macabre master of misery lurking in the  shadows of your very own mind. Your gremlin is not your negative  thoughts and traumatic past experiences. He is not your fears, regrets,  or self limiting concepts. He’s the one who uses them – and more – to  create elaborate cinematic works suited to your unique  vulnerabilities…his intention is to make you miserable by constantly  diverting your attention from the simple peace and contentment  already  within your heart.”

Taming Your Gremlin is a three step process:

1.) Simply Notice 2.) Choose And Play With Options 3.) Be In Process

I look forward to unfolding this skill set for you in the next week. I’m Taming My Gremlin right now in fact – and it is so fun! Want to join me? Tune is later this week for more, or rush out and grab the book for yourself!

See you at the spa!