Happy Birthday!

I am obsessed with birthdays! Not so much the gift part, but I love to encourage people to celebrate and enjoy themselves with those near and dear.

And just in case you didn’t know, my clients get 20% off the month of their birthday! ūüôā

So Рwhen March roles around (mine is the 15th) the party begins. I personally play the whole month, cause it is hard to fit all the fun into one day.

Now lest you judge me as vain or self involved, let me just say; “I am¬†wonderfully¬†and¬†skillfully¬†made…in His image” , I haven’t always felt this way, but I’m a survivor, and I just look for fun¬†wherever/whenever I can find it.

This year I am 57, and a senior citizen at least at Dennys (which I don’t love), but I’m just sayin ;).¬†I also get senior drinks at McD’s, a pitiful .25 cents!!!, and cheaper movies. Why not enjoy the little perks?

I wish older women¬†would celebrate their age more. Not just the cougars &¬†celebrities¬†who have a part time job working out, getting lipo, botox and tucks – but every woman…in every shape, size and skin condition.

Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup, skincare, working out and fashion. But I also accept that I am wrinkling, thickening around the middle, and forgetting things. I call it Healthy Aging! It is¬†wonderfully¬†merciful that it happens slowly over a long period of time.

The big perk this year is that I’m a Grandma, or Gramoo in my case. Little Bronson Carter Hoekman was born February 13 2011, but his birth Certificate reads September 10, 2011. ¬†He hails from Ethiopia and the paperwork/bureaucracy¬†of adoption is a mess! The good thing is he gets two birthdays!! I meet him today (3/21/12) for the very first time…words can’t express the joy in my heart.

So, whether you are a person who likes to celebrate your birthday or not, remember to celebrate you – year round!

See you at the spa!

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Linda,
    I hope you have a wonderful day, week, month and year! You deserve every blessing that God can send your way (including a bunch of senior citizen discounts)! =)

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