OSEA-logoOSEA Skincare from the Sea was inspired by it’s founder off the coast of Malibu, with the idea of uniting the elements to refresh, rejuvenate, and restore skin to its highest level of healthy beauty.

The first company to sign The Compact for Global Production of Safe Health and Beauty Products, OSEA features marine-based, technically advanced formulations loaded with naturally abundant vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids derived from the earth and sea.

We love this local powerhouse of a natural skincare line!



OCEAN – Marine ingredients and organic algae extracts, visibly improve, re-mineralize, and re-balance the skin.

SUN – High levels of concentrated phyto-nutrients and vitamins restore and replenish nutrients to sun-exposed skin. These naturally occurring antioxidants are easily absorbed and readily used by the body.

EARTH – Rich in deeply penetrating plant and nut oils, mud, clay, and natural fruit extracts, these performance driven ingredients provide both immediate and long-term results.

ATMOSPHERE – Organic essential oils and botanical antioxidants offer built-in protection from the effects of pollution, UV light, wind, and other environmental stressors.