Massage & Bodywork

Linda has been training massage therapists and personally doing massage and bodywork for over 20 years. She offers a variety of massage modalities: Esalen, Craniosacral, Myofascial Release, and Zen Shiatsu. By combining her extensive experience with a love of complete luxury, she aspires to provide the best massage you’ve ever had, each and every time.

bodyCushion-Prone2Plus, all Massage Therapy sessions at Star Brows feature the bodyCushion™ by Body Support System, which cradles curves, supporting your body and allowing complete relaxation.


A variation of Swedish massage using physical manipulation as well as focusing on emotional and spiritual healing to harmonize the entire body.
90 minutes – $99
70 minutes – $82
60 minutes – $70
30 minutes – $54

Integrative Therapy
Combines Myofascial Release–structural assessment, stretching fascia and re-organizing connective tissue, creating greater ease of movement, with Craniosacral Therapy, using the rhythm of the craniosacral system to pinpoint sources of obstruction and stress in the body.
90 minutes – $105
70 minutes – $99

Pregnancy Massage
Using body contour cushions that cradle curves, mom’s special needs are addressed.
70 minutes – $89
60 minutes – $76
30 minutes – $59

Upgrade your experience by adding any of the following enhancements to the list of services above.

Raindrop Therapy

Essential oils relax muscles, calm nerves, soothe the mind and detoxify the body.

Aroma Therapy

Hot Towels and your choice of essential oils are used to soothe and detoxify.

Star Massage

A facial, neck & scalp treatment using aesthetic and massage techniques. Clears sinuses, reduces puffiness, and brightens skin-tone. It is customized to each individual skin type to relieve swelling, waste in the tissues and holding patterns that create tension and lines on the face.