Calling All Brides-to-Be!

Mindseye Photo Shoot 032Forty percent of all brides become engaged over the holidays. If you are one of those lucky gals, congratulations!

Here are some ideas for choosing a Makeup Artist and Beauty Therapist who is perfect for you – along with a bit about who we are and what we offer.

  • A mini makeup studio and team comes to you – Camera-friendly wedding makeup requires specialized knowledge and proper lighting during application. Every imperfection will show in pictures, so the skin has to be meticulously prepared for  the makeup application.

We also offer professional makeup services at the spa

We have a spa location in Grover Beach, but if you choose to have your Makeup Artist and team come to your venue, we will pack up our beauty trunk, complete with a lit vanity mirror and portable professional lighting system, creating the perfect setting for applying your bridal and wedding party makeup on location.

All of our artists are licensed skincare professionals who have been specially trained as Makeup Artists for weddings. 

  • Get the beautiful brows you deserve – Eyebrows are one of the most important features of your face – and yet they are most often neglected.

As an educator, published beauty author, and Eyebrow Couture specialist, I can help you, your man, and your wedding party achieve perfect brows for your big day. Ideally, you should allow up to six monthly appointments to work with re-growth and your new shape.  

We use Billion Dollar Brows products like Brow Boost, Pencils, Brow Gel, and Powders so you can enhance and re-create your new design at home.

  • Great makeup starts with perfect skin – A series of facials before the big day will help make your skin clear and radiant. We use OSEA, Skincare from the Sea. Starting on an at-home skincare regime is another great way to create healthy, flawless-looking skin.

We are Estheticians who specialize in performing luxurious spa facials, and chemical peels.

  • Have you wondered if Eyelash Extensions are for you? Long, luxurious lashes are a wedding day staple, and there are lots of options.

We love Eyelash Extensions and recommend you have them applied a week or so before your wedding day. We can also apply individual clusters or strip lashes on the day-of. With a great curler, primer, and thickening, lengthening mascara, you can achieve perfect results.

  • Get smooth – It can take months of waxing every four weeks,  to get completely hair free, due to the growth cycle of the hair follicles. You’ll need at least three weeks of regrowth before waxing to ensure the best results.

Our waxing services include the use of a numbing agent, calming essential oils for post-wax soothing, and a heated table for the ultimate in personal comfort. We use a strip-less wax especially made for sensitive skin.

  • Health for the sake of beauty – Safe cosmetics are really important. That’s just one reason we love mineral makeup. But not all mineral makeup is created equal.

We use and professionally recommend Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, which were originally developed with leading doctors for use in a medical setting, so you can trust that the  formulations are the very finest available. Foundations, mascaras, liners, blushes, shadows, and primers are all part of the mineral makeup lineup.

  • Wedding jewelry – You want your wedding jewelry to be memorable,  unique, classic and on-trend. Costume jewelry may look cheap, and real jewels are pricey. We have the perfect solution.

We have a beautiful Heather Gardner collection, at great prices, at the spa. You can also work with our staff, or have the designer herself, Heather Gardner, customize your perfect look. Heather works in natural minerals, gems, and crystals worn by the likes of celebrities Vanessa Hudgens and Christina Applegate.

Call today to inquire about our special Engagement Package, available for a limited time only.

See you at the spa!

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